Healthy Snack; Mr. Potato Head

A Fun and Healthy Snack for Children is essential for making a lifetime of healthy habits.

And who could possibly be better than Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head?

When we make a celebration, food seems to be the center of the party!  So we need healthy snacks. The challenge is to make food tasty, fun, and healthy. When we make crafts with food, it really seems to help our children eat better, especially the picky eaters.

Mr. Potato Head, Healthy Snack

When we were fostering to adopt , all the children seem to be very picky and NOT accustom to healthy foods. So I had to be creative to get the children to eat well. On my good days, a craft is planned and ingredients are gathered for the festivities.

Warning; these are real photos of real potatoes made by real kids.  May not be the best looking, but it is tasty and fun! Remember the children are making this and doing marvelous job.

Mr. Potato Head is a yummy, healthy snack.  When everyone is hungry, I toss some potatoes into the oven for an hour, we gather ingredients and read a book.

Ingredients needed are:

5 potatoes

1/2 c  full fat sour cream

1/4 c  butter

gluten free pretzels (which admittedly are not truly healthy because they are processed, but they are cute glasses!)

1 carrot  -cut into nose shape pieces

10 olives -for eyes

1 tomato -sliced into smile shape pieces

1/2 c sauerkraut or cheese – used for facial hair and hair

Use your imagination.

Here’s how:

First we mix the sour cream and butter together.  Then we cut a half slice across the potatoes.  We scoop out most of the potato and add sour cream and butter mixture.  Next we put the mixture back into the potatoes.  Now…the brave part of handing the potato to your child and watch the creations begin!


For even more fun, healthy snacks, try:

I love to eat Caterpillars

Hedgehogs in the snow


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