Reason to Help Foster Children

Help foster children

When we start the process to adopt, we get a shock. Adoption is very expensive, plus you have to choose the child you want (and the questions are awkward). We couldn’t do that. When we talk to several people about our personal challenge in adoption, one family recommends we try foster care and help foster children.

Reason to help Foster children

They explain, “You get to help out children, experience the child in your family, and if they come up for adoption, it is an easy transition because you know the child and the child knows you.” This makes sense to us, so we begin the process.

There is a stigma attached to fostering and it hurts the children

Here are some of the comments we get and some facts to debunk these myths of fostering. We will share our opinion and hopefully inspire you to help foster children. There are many wonderful ways to participate in group homes and orphanages and help the 400,00 – 500,000 foster kids in the United States of America and billions worldwide.

Reason to help Foster Children

Just like chess, it’s all about how you plan and play the game. In order to become a foster care provider, there are many processes you go through. The requirements are the same and possibly more than a person beginning a daycare business. There are extensive inquiries and disclosures on your finances, your history, your family, your parents, your relationships, etc…

However, the money issue seems to be the most taboo topic. At the end of a very enlightening 10-week course, we get a certificate, home inspection, and a child is brought into our home.

Next we discover there is monthly stipend for o$100/ week but it varies on many factors. In our scenario, the amount given to financially assist with our child is less than it would cost to put a child into daycare. For example in 2008 to 2015;

  • $100 per week to care for a foster child. 24 hours, 7 days/week responsibility including weekends
  • $150 per week daycare cost for our child for our child to attend  8-9 hours/day for 5 days per week
  • The biological parent for our child receives $400/ week plus free living in a treatment home, smart phone, and a bit more

This is the average amount in our area,but the ratio is comparable even if your location is higher or lower in costs. We have adopted and now we volunteer in a group home.

Changing the Stigma

Clearly the comments on money are not valid as it would be more profitable to go through the investigation and make more money owning a daycare. The foster families we have met were foster kids, or like us, just genuinely wanted to offer a good life for some kids.

Many Social Workers have described this as the distraction for biological parents. It is a monetary distraction to keep the child as a source of income rather than truly nurturing a child.

Because of these challenges in our system, many people actually go outside of the country to adopt children. I’ve always felt we should help our local community and this is a great way to help by investing time into a foster kid’s life. Every year thousands of 18-year olds “age-out” of a system without a legal family. Horribly, 75% of these children are incarcerated within 5 years.

The great stories

There are so many wonderful stories of fostering. Generally speaking, most people foster because they truly want to help children.  More than half of the people fostering in the foster care program grew up as foster kids and want to extend the love forward to a child in this predicament. We find the families and people in the system to be amazing, loving, and inspiring. There are exceptions to every rule, but the majority of foster parents just love helping chlldren.

Getting involved with local homes is a terrific way to love these kids and plant seeds of encouragement. However, if you do choose to bring a child into your home, there are great uses for the stipend money.

Great ways to spend the stipend money when fostering:

  • Pay for natural healthcare products
  • Find a natural minded doctor to help get these children healthy
  • Buy family passes to entertainment venues because extra fun helps deal with the difficulties,
  • Save for the child’s future, but there is a risk the biologicals take this money,
  • Help for the bio-parents on holidays, or
  • You can forfeit funds from the State and allow a redistribution.
  • You can also eat more healthy which will benefit everyone! and
  • Buy them clothes and a suitcase

It’s easy to get involved and help a child or two. You will help build a better future and shape a child for success. As a bonus, you will find some blessings through the process.

Interesting Facts for Foster Children and Adopted Children via Foster Care System:

  1. Free College
  2. This child receives supplemental healthcare
  3. Sometimes a stipend is gives extra help, such as needed therapies
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