“How Our Family Survived Cancer and Fostering”

“How Our Family Survived; 10 Ways to Holistically Manage Childhood Cancer…

and Fostering!”

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Need to be Inspired to take on a little more of life, to overcome adversity?

Read the ebook How Our Family Survived; 10 Ways to Holistically Manage Childhood Cancer..and Fostering” right now.

What if you could read one book, a true story and find the courage you need to change your health and change the health of those you love?
How Our Family Survived

Finally, a short, manageable 30-page power-packed read that is sure to move you and inspire you to a healthier life!

How Our Family Survived is an unprecedented journey; a true story of one family’s triumph to manage childhood cancer and fostering.

Reasons to read this book:

  • If your life feels empty and you love children
  • If you are interested in understanding cancer
  • If you are interested in understanding the Foster System

This book also gives you options and choices for loved ones facing cancer. Chemotherapy isn’t the only option.

You can’t wait a minute longer to read this book.

Hear what other successful, inspiring people are saying:

“This ebook is a must-read. So many ‘ah-ha!’ moments that are sure to make you smile, cry and reflect on the very essence of your being. Mandy Lee shows how to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit and challenges all of us to take on a little more of life.”

– Krista Butler, B.A., M.Sc., NTP, BeFoodSavvy.com

“Inspirational on all levels. Living healthy is truly a life-long goal and Mandy Lee shows how important it is to share what we have been given and to help out others.”

– Dr. Joe Christiano, author and speaker on different body and blood types, author of best seller,  Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and You and The Answer is in YOUR Bloodtype.

“This is the inspiring book that shows you how to overcome the challenges of illness in families today.  On a day-to-day basis, we all face choices in how to eat healthy.  If this family can find a way, certainly anyone can!”

– Kristin Clough Canty, blogger at Adventures in Food, Farm, and Film and director of the documentary Farmageddon, The Unseen War on American Family Farms

More and more families are facing diseases and health dilemmas today. Through our experience, you will be inspired to not only survive these times, but to truly be human through unexpected situations and thrive.

Normally you pay $21.99, act now and pay only $4.99!

✓ Every book sold helps a child.

✓ Get information on practical tips to improve your perspective on life.

✓ You get a free subscription to FosteringNutrition.com and continue learning with new information every week.

✓ You are guaranteed to learn better ways to live and be enriched.

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How Our Family Survived

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