How To Transform Pain into Power

I am an Alchemist and I transform my pain into power!

Transform Pain to Power; Alchemist

Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.

Life happens. Good and bad. So I choose to transform our pain into power. For me it was having a child with autism and being ostracized from every mommy group because my kid was “difficult and not normal”. Instantly, we transform with more intentional practices of healthy eating and living, which recover our child to a wonderful place of independence.

Next, we try to adopt but they tell us it is $14,000 for a white baby, $11,000 for a mixed baby, and $8,000 for a black baby. My husband nor I could move forward with this!

Another Route

We decide to foster and are surprised by the negative false perceptions of people. We use many partners in order to achieve recovery for these kids.

Our very first foster son came to us a 2 year-old who allegedly wasn’t able to speak. Maybe he couldn’t communicate because of abandonment, or maybe because he had been in more than five homes before we got to meet him.

Whatever the case, we recovered his gut and his bad behavior. As we discover a large bump on his left, lower abdomen, a trip to the ER reveals that he has neuroblastoma cancer. Chemotherapy treatment offers a 2% chance of survival of hopefully 5 years for this cancer, and since he is a Ward of the State, we have no options. Our little guy passes at 4 years old.

Many more stories of fun and pain with foster children, including the opportunity to finally adopt. This story is tough and 4 years in the making..


Ideally we transform all this ugly into a beautiful thing and find a higher purpose. For us, we finally form a nonprofit, Real Food Recovery. As we hope to inspire a change in perspective through food, link to purchase here. The recipes build your immune and the proceeds from the sale go to; building gardens, teaching, foods, and other empowering tools for foster kids/orphans in group homes.

Something beautiful happens with all that ugly. It has to. These kids face everything from diseases, child trafficking. and the internalizing self-degradation of false worthlessness.

I certainly didn’t choose this life, I wanted to just adopt a child in need. Our experiences are crazy, but I sure expect magnificent miracles to come out of it all!

Tips We Use to Transform our Pain into Power!

  1. Take a moment to recognize the challenge before you.
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  3. Now understand that this challenge is Yours! You CAN do it. Never Doubt it. It will deepen you.
  4. Embrace the moment, do not negotiate your way out of this challenge, you’ll just have to face it again.
  5. Research, meditate, pray. Release the Stress.
    • e.g., This is where we crank up the music, roll the windows down and scream! (I’m not kidding.)
    • Exercise
  6. Take action and be flexible for the bends in the road. Otherwise you will crash!
  7. Find gratitude! Overcome your nature and Appreciate whatever time you get with what you Love.
  8. Live for now and eternity! Keep a Balanced perspective.

Join me in BECOMING ALCHEMISTS! You can find us on Face Book at Real Food Recovery

Let’s make something wonderful happen this year!



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