How We Thrive

How We Thrive

How We Thrive is due to finding resources several years ago; the Weston A. Price Foundation, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Nourishing Traditions has educated my family towards optimal health.

Thriving Children WAP Mandy Lee Fostering Nutrition

Success Story

When my son was born, we couldn’t understand why our baby could be so immune-compromised while we felt healthy and full of life. We thought it was more than a coincidence…and in our quest to seek recovery, we made some significant life-changing adjustments.

My B.Sc. degree seemed unimportant with the challenges we faced so I redirected an education in Nutrition and real food remedies. As our son’s health improved, we improved too. Each subsequent child we birthed or fostered-to-adopt,  improved towards a better level of  healthy. There is a clear connection of health and the food we eat.

Hilary Boynton has also been down this road and has a truly inspiring journey to health and a wonderful cookbook to Heal Your Gut!

After living this road to recovery, we teach at the WAP Conference to share some real honest living hacks on how everyone can work towards a better level of healthy through cooking.

“It’s one thing to stand in knowledge at the Ivory tower, and an entirely different position to have 5 kids and a husband who are hungry and in need of nourishing food….”

Hilary and I offer real, genuine, hands-on techniques to inspire quick, tasty, and achievable real food remedies that encourage a healthy family. It is our honor to share our successful real food recipes, efficiencies, and approaches to health through the kitchen!

We truly hope to see you through the weekend and at our “CoolKing Day: where cooking is cool!”

Check out this letter from WAP for this coming event:

In one month!


Sixteenth International Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation
Anaheim, California

Friday, November 13 – Sunday, November 15
Plus additional sessions on Monday, November 16 – Our Fun Day! Volunteer! Love Teaching!

We’d love to meet you at our Fun Cooking Class on Monday, November 16!

Hilary and I give hands-on Cooking Hacks and Recipes

Register for one day or all four.

This a one-time opportunity to hear these experts all at one conference:

Alan Savory, Sally Fallon Morell, Philip Weeks, Natasha Campbell-McBride, Chris Masterjohn, Stephanie Seneff, Mark McAfee, and thirty-five more!

Speaking on topics that relate to everyday life:

GMOs, strengthening the immune system, farming, water, cancer, gardening, vaccinations, fat-soluble vitamins, raw milk, electromagnetic radiation, light, sleep, food, heart health, homeopathy at home, how to read your own blood tests, Lyme disease, traditional diets, detoxification, spotting nutritional deficiencies, cooking, and more! This is how we thrive!

Click here to read about the speakers and the talks.


or call (540) 722-7104


Register now for a free registration.

We hope to see you there! Your health, mind, and family will be forever thankful!


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