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My brain works a little differently than many. I love to hear all the different perspectives and it doesn’t threaten or offend me to hear someone else’s opinion or experience. There are so many ways to get better, and I love hearing them all.  Recently, some of the foster kids I help asked if I could help them with their eyes.


Over the years, we have acquired some successes improving vision. But now I want to take all the doctor and researcher’s experience to help these kids. Maybe some ideas will inspire and connect with you.

It bugs me that as some people age, it is expected to lose vision. But it is also concerning that many more children of younger generations are; needing glasses, have stigmas, growths, cataracts and many other eye issues. The eyes are the windows to the soul, which translates as, we have a little work to do to find ways to make the whole body better.

There are laser treatments, vision exercises, and many tools to use in the toolbox for eyes. Eating a well balanced diet without dyes, chemicals, and processed fillers helps the eyes a lot.

But sometimes all these efforts don’t resolve the issue for a child, so I look for new things to try. Hope doesn’t give up, so I’m not either.

Within my bookshelf, I find a book we read years ago. We had enjoyed a little lemonade cleanse, and right there in the book is a recipe for eyes that I thought I had seen before. Healing for the Age of Enlightenment  and Stanley Burroughs – The Master Cleanser: With Special Needs & Problems.

I’m the Guinea Pig

Burrough’s books are the most intriguing, and I tried his suggestions because it was clean food ingredients. Although I was trying to support the kids that were losing their vision, I also had these little spots in my vision and figured I would try it first and see how it goes. A couple of the kids said they had spots too.

But first, the support. I make fish stock. Fish stock with the heads (and eyes) inside. My thought is that this would nourish our eyes. My chinese friends in college contributed to this way of thinking. They would tell me it is very good for you to eat the eyes and important to cook the whole fish. I couldn’t eat fish because of allergies, but now I can.

Next, I utilize essential oils which have been a mainstay tool for health support with my family and the foster kids for over 10 years (before the popularity online). An oncologist’s wife plugged us in through a dentist who is now a sweet friend.
For the eyes, I put clove oil on the back of the neck. Our nonprofit account supplies the foster kids with a lot of essential oils and you can do if you buy through our site.

A recent addition to our “eye” apothecary is moringa. We have seen farm animals devour it and eliminate the “cloudy” in the eyes so we began to try it too. We know it has a high nutrient density, so we are taking the powder form and adding it to everything we can.

Eyes w glasses

Eye Droppers

Then back to the eye drops. When I make the eye drops, I’m surprised by the ingredients – it makes sense, but… Every single time the droppers go into my eyes, I gasp at how much it stings. I told the kids they probably shouldn’t do it, but I continued for about a week because I want to know if it works.

The spots in my eyes went away and my vision became more clear. Of course, the kids wanted to try the droppers since it worked for me, but boy, they let out a holler when the eyedropper released the drops. It works, and that is the magic.
The goal is to stay as healthy and vibrant as possible with the most real food diet and I find  it isn’t always the easiest choice.

Below is the eye drop recipe if you choose to try it. It is stated as useful for reducing; glaucoma, cataracts, spots, film or cloudiness, and growths around the eyes, according to sources.

Please consult with your doctor and show them Burrough’s book. We collaborate with all of our doctors. Remember the author, Burrough’s, is attached to some controversy, but I have found that most successful things in life usually do come with a little conflict.

Stanley Burrough's eye drops


  • 5 parts distilled water
  • 2 parts honey
  • 1 part apple cider vinegar
  • dark glass eye dropper bottle
  • little funnel


  1. Place all 3 ingredients into the glass bottle.
  2. Shake well with lid on.
  3. Drop 1 drop at a time, several times per day
  4. Burrough's states to continue until the eyes are clear.


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2 thoughts on “Improving the Eyes

  1. Wow, thanks Mandy! My husband has almost zero vision in his left eye due to being hit so many times on that side if his head when he was little. He has a cataract forming on that eye, so maybe he’ll give this a try before surgery. If he does & it works, I’ll let you know! My eyesight has been worsening over the years. My hunch is it’s related to hormone drops (I’m mid-40s) & of course, not good enough nutrition. Bilberry herb can bring back eyesight as well. I learned it from an herbal website, & then was shocked to catch up with a friend in his mid-70s who got rid of his glasses by drinking Bilberry juice every day! Thanks again.

    1. Erika, please let me know! Hope he gets a lot of improvement! I’ll try bilberry as well. Thanks.

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