Jurassic World Roasted Duck

Who Eats Roasted Duck?

As the film statistics continue to roll-in and Jurassic World blows all stats out of the water, the thought occurs to have Dino Bones for Dinner. My children are very excited! Now we have to find a large, pastured, nonGMO Dino. We look throughout the local organically minded store and behold, a large duck. It will pass! Roasted Duck for dinner.

Roasted Duck

So we girls went to see Woman in Gold and loved it. The boys went to see Jurassic World and wouldn’t stop talking about it! I figure; Why fight it?! Let’s just make a meal of it.

In the movie, the scientists decide to play with the genes to create a different, more fierce dinosaur. Basically, they create a Modified Dinosaur. Well, technically all of the dinosaurs are modified in the movie, it’s necessary in cloning extinct animals, but the main dinosaur villain is really modified. Rather than filling in the gaps to create a close replica of the past, a dinosaur modification is created to fit the entertainment need of more “wow” factor.

[Spoiler, so skip this sentence if needed]

Ultimately, the goal migrates into “eliminate the modified dinosaur”. And thus the dinner discussion around our roasted duck (Jurassic World meat)!

Bringing Home the Movies! Mom Teaching Logic

We are trying to eliminate any genetically modified food from our table. Well, technically all of the food is a bit modified. Some foods are really modified. Foods today have been hybridized to be: a little bigger, more red, resistant to bugs, and have super powers to travel 1000s of miles without bruising. We have seen the statistics of our children getting more sick since we began to modify food in 1985. The parallel is too close to just write-it-off. The studies are alarming. These are some of our favorite resources with MITs, Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Thus we are trying to keep our food as close to it’s natural creation as possible.

The organic duck in the freezer section looks pretty big and it is definitely bigger than chicken but more novel than turkey. It is also a worthy note that eating a variety of foods offers many nutrients. Plus, this duck is kosher, nonGMO so from all angles we have a Jurassic World Roasted Duck Meal in the making.

First we soak in salt water for 30 minutes. Submerged in water with 2 Tbsp of water purifies the meat from the blood. PreHeat oven to 350ºF.

Soak Duck

Next we rinse the meat clean, clean the pan and place back into the pan with 1 cup of water.

Season and add some veggies; potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, curry, thyme, and oregano.

Jurassic Duck raw


Place this gigantic bird into the oven and roast for 2 hours at 350ºF.

Serve and enjoy this delicious dinner.

Budget and Beyond

Then take all the leftover meat, bones, juice and put them into the Crock pot. This is our favorite. Add water to fill the pot, add celery, and soak with Apple Cider Vinegar for 30 minutes. Once the minerals have had time to breakdown, turn the Crock pot on Auto for 24 hours. This broth will be tomorrow’s dinner; a base for a delicious soup or dish Like this.

Duck Broth

Super simple. Super healthy. Super fast. Budget Friendly. And clearly this qualifies as a Jurassic Meal! At least for our family. This large bird will provide us many savory and nutritious meals.

Real Food will recover our bodies and it is super easy to make recovery fun. And if something big is chasing you…..Pray while you Run!

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