Left Behind is NuttZo Good

Every so often life hands you a fun surprise. After a few years of consuming this amazing product, my son decides today to read the side label as we sit and eat our breakfast; bananas with NuttZo butter!

We love NuttZo Butter! 


Usually, we read the ingredients and move on.  But if you haven’t found this jar, you are missing out and who wants to be left behind?

A few years back we began to foster towards adoption. We noticed that every child came to us sick and immune-compromised. Being the obsessive Mommy that I am, we did everything to get each child healthy through eating a nutrient-dense diet. The first problem we face: bad eating habits.

Every child wants peanut butter and jelly and cheetos.  So to find a happy medium and transition, organic peanut and almond butter work great. Homemade is best, but I can’t make everything all the time. One day in seeking out the perfect nut butter without the added sugar, we happenstance upon Nuttzo.

It’s a little pricey, but the Nuttzo we buy today has nuts and seeds; peanuts, cashews, almonds, brazilian nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, hazelnut and sea salt. There are other varieties…even one without peanuts. You get 2 tablespoons chock full of nutrients in this butter. Any obsessive Mommy knows that with this kind of nut and seed variety there are more nutrients and healthy fats (omegas) which fits a win-win-win scenario. Nuttzo means happy child, healthy child, and easy parenting! All organic and it is Certified Kosher (so we know there are no anal glands of a beaver)!


Now, back to the label. My son begins to read about Project Left Behind and how this family adopted children who were nutrient-deficient so she began to make the combination of butters for her adopted children.

Then she combines with a team to not only produce this amazing product, but to also form a foundation to help children all over the world have nourishment and a better place to live. Both of these are reasons for Real Food Recovery.

So check them out here at Project Left Behind.

Buy this amazing product at a health store near you, or here.

And consider helping children in your part of the world find nourishment and love because it keeps us human. If you are in Central Florida, we support local foster kids and orphans with good, local veggies, weekly classes, gardens, and more. You can donate here to our charitable foundation which is tax deductible.


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4 thoughts on “Left Behind is NuttZo Good

  1. Good grief! Beaver butt??
    We knew about stuff like
    pepsico brands using aborted fetal
    cells for flavor research and
    avoid all that like the plague
    it is anyway… but
    never dreamed we could be
    eating beaver anal glands..
    We don’t eat much processed
    food so I sure hope not. “But”
    ESPECIALLY THANKS for posting
    about Nuttzo. Hadn’t even
    heard of it before, and we will be
    VERY HAPPY to help by eating yummy
    kosher nut butters! God bless!
    p.s that was a cute beaver puppet
    on the FoodBabe video. *sigh*

    1. Yes, it is a community effort to eat clean. So glad that you enjoyed. NuttZo is fantastic. Blessings.

  2. Hi Mandy, Thank you for this lead on good peanut butter! Heck, good food. ! I have never seen this on our grocery stores shelves but then I didn’t know to look for it. My family eats a TON of peanut butter. But we are going gluten-free so I need other nuts for them to enjoy. (I know peanuts aren’t gluten but some people with a gluten sensitivity have an as yet unrecognized peanut sensitivity, too.) I’m looking for this on my next trip to town!!!

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