Easy Lime and Coconut Pops

Lime and Love

As the Summer months bring in the warmth of the sun, the smell of lime blossoms on the tree, our senses acknowledge the celebration that’s brewing. We finally get to adopt a child we have known and loved for 4 years!

Pondering the most appropriate and widely enjoyed healthier treats; popsicles are chosen pretty quickly. And since our ever-bearing lime tree is loaded with fruit, the juicing begins.

Lime Pops

Holding a cute little yard flower while making pops

As friends come over to celebrate with us in our yard, we want to share a refreshing treat for everyone. The court adoption proceedings go well and the judge is super nice in the ceremony. We have a large gathering of friends and family and a few are coming back home with us to hang out in the yard.

The day before we made these wonderful lime and coconut popsicles in preparation for fun out in the sun. Attempting to make our limeade pops a little more creamy, we hoped some coconut would do the job.

Thankfully, we all enjoy the treats. We hope you enjoy them too.

Lime & Coconut Pops


  • 1 c lime juice
  • 1 c raw honey
  • 1/2 c coconut milk
  • 2 1/2 c water
  • pinch of salt


  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl
  2. Stir until honey dissolves
  3. Pour into paper cups, leaving space for a slice of lime
  4. Cut lime slices, 1 per filled cup
  5. Push wooden craft/popsicle sticks through each slice of lime
  6. Place wooden stick with lime slice, into the filled cup of juice mixture
  7. Take the tray holding the filled cups and carefully place into the freezer
  8. Leave to freeze overnight
  9. Remove the tray when ready to serve
  10. Gently squeeze and push the bottom of the paper cup as you pull the stick
  11. Carefully separate the pop from the cup
  12. Arrange on a tray and serve


It is intentional that I find ways to have fun with the family while maintaining healthy options.

Now we are trying to help more kids eat well and have fun getting messy in the kitchen. Here’s how and why.


Lime and Coconut pops pin




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