How to Make a Simple Coconut Butter

Have you ever tasted Coconut Butter?

Otherwise known as Coconut Manna, Coconut Butter is a delicious, nutritive, food snack. However, it is pricey. For about $12 for a 8 oz jar you can buy coconut butter, but for $3 and a bit of coconut oil, you can make your own! Our local farmer has some coconuts, therefore, the kids and I are having fun harvesting and making a few recipes this season.

Coconut Butter

Nuts are a filling snack full of fat and protein. You can see a couple of nut recipes in our philanthropic cookbook and this is a nut snack here. But when we are having guests or visiting others with nut allergies we use coconut treats since they do not have the allergens like other nuts and it doesn’t require soaking in the preparation. We posted about the many foods we render from a coconut and wanted to share this simple recipe.

2 Simple Ingredients

1 Shredded/pulverized Coconut (may substitute 3 bags like this) OR make your own

1/4 – 1/2 C Coconut Oil Like this one


Once you have your coconut pulp made, you add the coconut oil. (I like to dehydrate to coconut pulp until a bit yellow. It takes a few hours at 170° F.)

Grind together in a high-powered blender my favorite!. You will have to stir around the edges to keep the pulp in the “blend zone”. Otherwise, the amount is too low to blend well.

Next, we scrape it out and put into a jar. Although the store-bought coconut butter does not require refrigeration, we store our homemade butter in the fridge.

It’s pretty simple and tastes great.

We like to eat a spoonful between meals, or put into any shake. It adds a lot of flavor and nutrients to your body!


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