Do You Believe You Are More Than Enough?

I Believe. You are more than enough.

It was a really calm day at the orphanage. Truly moving in a calm, spiritual way.

Enough - Positive Words

Typically there is a managed chaos in the Home which is conspicuously absent today as I draw each pod into the room reserved for small group classes. Entering first are the big girls, ages 11 – 15. Next, the big boys, then the littles. Greetings begin with each class, as well as introductions to the new kids that join the home this week. These children are usually the most reserved ones. Probably because it’s a new place and they are not sure who is their friend and how this home works just yet. After a good solid couple of weeks, a new normal begins to form.

Interestingly, my life seems to be on a course that is refining -in the most difficult sense of the word. Subsequently, it keeps me raw and humble. Furthermore, it keeps me open, wide open. Some would call it vulnerable. Therefore, when I visit these children, I can feel them in a real way.

Talking Real

Since food is always included, class today incorporates healthy snack choices. Simply how to mix ingredients for trail mixes while trying new foods. We speak of how we can make these same foods for a fraction of the cost. But for these samples, I spare no costs. Sometimes the important element is to ensure the kids that I’m buying the very best and most expensive because they are worth it. Conclusively, this is the message that I want to ooze out of them.

Enough- Healthy Snacks

Snacks with clean ingredients:

Each visit, I bring a medium in which to teach. Today, we use a new music video that’s out to discuss self-worth [shown below]. It is beyond inspiring and quite the catalyst for a needed discussion.

The misconception today is that you are important if you are famous, rich, or have a big title. These are consequential attributes of chance and work that ebb and flow throughout life. But these are not attributes that determine your worth.  With the social media, these kids identify worth by the number of likes or followers. Outside of this, society claims you are not enough. However, I am intentional with this discussion today.

Enough - Positive Words


What is Enough?

We are each important because we are wonderfully created. Somehow I want each foster kid/ orphan to understand the unique gift they are to the world. Of course, I speak with tears and share that I love them just as they are. It is as if I am the hands, voice, and heart of God for these moments. Not in my imperfectness, but in the incredible love I have for them.

Their worth is not wrapped up in their parent’s success or failure. Self-worth has nothing to do with the TOO’S!

  • Too skinny,
  • too fat,
  • too smart,
  • too dumb,
  • too old,
  • too young;

Truly the world will say you are not enough. But that is a lie.

You are More than Enough! You are loved. You are amazing. You are talented. You are smart. You are the only You.

These lies get in the way of us being, growing, and fulfilling our purpose. Now I know we will struggle and I can’t fix this in a day. But I can keep planting the seeds every week. We can write the positive and look upon it daily! This is what faith is; Believing what can’t be seen. Faith tells me this will change their future. This will change my future, my family’s future. We are more than enough. We just need to believe and live it out.

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