Mother’s Day is about Family

Today is Mother’s Day

On this day, everyone is supposed to focus on Moms. It is supposed to be a day to recognize the sacrificial love of a Mom. Yet as I sit here with my kids bustling about their business in and out of our home, it occurs to me that this is not what Mother’s Day is for me.Mother's Day is about Family

Mother’s Day is a day when I want all my family around. What makes me a mom are my children. These little beings are what push me to be greater than what I think I can be; less selfish, less careless, more intentional, and more willing to give what I formerly thought possible.

For our family, the table is the catalyst for many of our (extra)ordinary time together. The table is where we spend lots of time together eating and talking about the day to come and the day that has passed. These are my most treasured moments. Today, as I nostalgically look through photos I find this photo. We had intended to our family for a gift but it just didn’t turn out like I wanted. Funny because now I can see the perfectness of the imperfect.

My Best is Good Enough

I’m not the best mom, but I have certainly given my best. I quit my career for a while to help our compromised firstborn son. Staying home is not a revered profession, so many times, I felt unproductive as I fed babies and changed diapers. Then I fostered-to-adopt a two-year-old boy that gave me more meaning to the mundane. Abandoned and neglected, this little boy’s mom didn’t know how to mother. She didn’t have a good example as I did. 

Slowly but surely, I began to value myself. My business and science degrees serve the highest purpose for my family as I find power and recovery using and preparing the best foods to feed my children to live strong, capable lives. I migrate to work a bit more with my husband as I homeschool our children. We do what fits our circumstances as every mom does. Moms adapt because we are incredibly capable!

Moms find the best path to enable our children to be their best. We encourage other moms because we know how ugly those little voices inside our heads can be. 

Sometimes, when I am able see the heart of my children, beyond their superficial behavior, then I can respond and discipline with what they need to move through life with grace.

So as I enjoy this day for Mothers, it truly is all about the gift of family – the good and the not so fun parts. This day is special because of the children we; birthed, adopted, and the children we support with great food at a local foster group home.

And it because of the special mothers in my life who showed me the way; my mom, older moms with kids who mentored me, and moms who couldn’t have their own so they could help.

Happy Mother’s Day! You are an amazing Mommy!

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