My Farmer has Eggs and Goat Eggs

Do You like Eggs? What about Goat Eggs?

We have seriously lost touch with our food!! We have the most beautiful farmer’s market in St. Petersburg and almost every week I hear adults, not children, ask questions about eggs and more…truly it reveals a real problem.

Today we discover that our farmer sells Goat Eggs.

Goat eggs

It is sunny on most days and we love to visit our farmers and local vendors who make authentic arts, vinegar, spices, and some artisans even procure the finest cheese. But our favorite reason for going to the Saturday Market is to find the most organically minded foods grown from our local farmers.

Standing in line at The Dancing Goat booth, I hear this question almost every week and it floors me.

“Are these eggs from your goats?”

I stifle back a laugh because it is not kind to make fun of people. But really?! How did we get so disconnected to our food? We need a lesson on animals and the foods we eat.

A Farm and Some Eggs

We love the Dancing Goat Farm and the farmer, Pam. She’s a no-nonsense gal, she’s beautiful, she’s a hard worker, and she has a heart of gold. Somehow, she has taken a regular neighborhood home and filled it up with goats, ducks, chickens and then she brokers out some additional farm products. She gets hay from some land she owns to feed her animals. Truly, this wonderful farm nourishes our family with eggs (of all kinds of birds) and raw cultured kefir for the ones that can have it.

But, if I hear another person ask if she has goat eggs, I cannot contain my laughter. Pam’s response, without skipping a beat is, “Only on Wednesdays!”

Often I hear that we are out of touch with our food; kids will tell you that food comes from a grocery store. However, food comes from dirt and animals. Well, this goat egg question puts a whole new level of spin to that phrase about knowing your food. If it was an isolated event, it wouldn’t be newsworthy. But the fact that this is a regular question elicits the need to have better discussions about our food.

Really mammals are distinguishable by 5 counts. Let’s break it down for the farm.


  1. Must produce milk to feed its young,
  2. Have hair on its body,
  3. Have a vertebrate,
  4. Are warm-blooded, and
  5. Have live births

Let’s be really clear: Chickens, ducks, quail, pheasants are all birds and lay eggs. Goats, cows, sheep are all mammals and have live births.

Be sure to thank your farmer for the hard work and good food and do a little research before you put food into your mouth. Get connected to the food you put into your body.

Goat Eggs


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