No Aluminum Baked Potatoes

Aluminum-Free Baked Potatoes

Soaking in oil and salt are good for potatoes too!

Recently we went to the Salt Sea (also known as the Dead Sea) and soaked in one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. We walked up on the beach, rubbed this black mineral “mud-crunch” all over, let it dry, then went back to wash off in the Salt Sea. As we rubbed, we notice our skin becomes soft and it feels really oily. So I began to think of baking potatoes…

No aluminum potatoesOne day my mom comes over and tells me that many of my pans need to meet the trash can: “no aluminum should be used to cook”, she says.  Aluminum is a toxin; we avoid it in our deodorant, we avoid cooking with it in our pans and use stainless steel or glass pans for cooking.

So now I realize: Why am I wrapping my baked potatoes in aluminum foil!?
To store food in the refrigerator when you can’t find the matching lid… aluminum foil is great! However, it occurs to me that cooking with foil might not be a good option either, baking potatoes wrapped in foil just slipped through undetected. However, I realize that all this oil and salt in this mud is suppose to seal my body, which led me to think that we could avoid aluminum on our potatoes. Oil and minerals will lock in moisture without adding aluminum to your diet.
This is what happens when we salt the potato and then wrap it with foil!
The answer is budget-friendly and simple. Instead of wrapping our potatoes with aluminum foil, we simply rub the potatoes in a saturated fat, such as red palm oil or ghee. It’s messy and therapeutic. Now our potatoes will be delicious, nutritious and aluminum-free!

No Aluminum Baked Potatoes

Potatoes, 1 for each member of your family
Good healthy Saturated fat
Good mineral salt
After washing your hands and the potatoes, get your pan ready.  Have a child (or an adult) rub a saturated oil into the potatoes. Put salt in a bowl and roll the potato in salt and add any other seasoning you like. Bake in the oven at 350˚F for about an hour.
Feel free to rub the excess oil off your hands onto your legs and arms to lock in moisture! (Warning: red palm oil may add red color to your skin and look like a bad sunless tanning lotion!)
When a fork can be gently pushed into the potato, it is ready.  Top with lots of butter, sour cream, sauerkraut, cottage cheese or salsa. Fermented toppings like these are especially healthy.
Enjoy! For some more tips to avoid aluminum, check out this article.


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