Nut Butter Snack

Nut Butter Snack. No bake, no joke, deliciously healthy snack.

Do you ever have those days where everyone is hungry and you just run out of healthy, quick snack ideas? Today Real Food Recovery is sharing a fun nut butter snack.

Nut Butter Snack

Our local farmer’s market has many farmers who are able to procure raw nuts. Not always, but we certainly try to use local and support our local farmers. Since we have become farmers, we are able to swap produce and farm tips with some pretty amazing people.

We learn that farmers can buy raw nuts because of the importance to have raw seeds to plant. So we use this opportunity and gather in some nuts. Most of the nuts are from other farmers in different areas because nuts do not grow prolifically where we live. And we are super thankful for the farmer network.

We prepare these nuts for the next day.

Eat Nuts

 Raw walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts.

Here’s our post on how to prepare nuts and grains and seeds. Cashews are a little unique, so we soak these for a couple of hours. Did you know that cashews have a toxic oil that releases when you crack and roast the shell? We learned this in Costa Rica from our local neighbors who instruct Daddy as he pulls the fruit from the tree and roasts the nuts on the grill. Our cashew experience is hilarious and educational – none of us could eat it! But it was a fun memory.  Anyway, after these hulls are roasted, they are sold as “raw”.

Now let’s dive right in to this wonderful snack.

Nut Butter Ingredients

1 C      grain oats (soaked)

2/3 C   shredded coconut like this

1/2 C   nut butter (soaked) or in a pinch use something like this.

1/2 C   flaxseed and/or chia seed

1/3 C   raw honey

6 tsp    chocolate chips

1 tsp    vanilla extract


Take the flax seed and stir in a mortar and pestle like this.

Place all ingredients in a bowl and stir with a fork until thoroughly mixed.

Take a teaspoon to roll the ingredients into a ball shape.

All done.

We usually put them in the refrigerator for an hour to harden them up a bit.

These are absolutely delicious, fast, and filling! Enjoy.

Nut Butter Snack




















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