Overcoming A Fish Allergy

How I Actually Overcame a Fish Allergy!

I have hoped since my beginning, to eat fish, but I have a fish allergy. NEVER give up because apparently you can overcome! Let me share the approach, so you can hopefully reverse your allergies. And please keep in touch for more encouragement: FBTwitter

Fish Eggs fish allergy

It is so exciting to recover from a fish allergy. Everyone says you can’t reverse allergies. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I wholeheartedly believe that food is nourishment and our best remedy. It seems that my hope is so big that my dedication to health and recovery overcomes any temporary “junk binges” for myself and my children.

The Brutal Facts

A true allergy is different from an intolerance. It is not a sensitivity issue or a discomfort. A true allergy is when the food is harmful and potentially fatal, even in a mother’s womb. While my mom has enjoyed eating fish her entire life, for the 9-month pregnancy with me, she would expel any fish consumed.

Having tried fish several times under MD supervision during childhood; we had the last try at age 13 years old. We live in Florida and our family went fishing many weekends for fun. This is a huge disappointment.

The allergy specialist officially recorded that fish would never be an allowable food for my body. Usually, fish allergies appear in adults, read more at WebMD. There was the time we asked the restaurant to make sure there was no fish in the sushi. That ended up in the ER. There is the time the waiter assures me that no fish substance is in the hush puppies. I downed a Benadryl bottle and got some EPI Pens. It is not fun to have a true fish allergy or any allergy. Additionally, there is really something wrong, when food is not food for the body! With all the fake, switched, mislabeled food today it is dangerous with allergies to; eat out, attend events, birthday parties, etc… Tuna salad is at every event and it looks like chicken salad. Some of you know exactly what it’s like.

The Great News

Now I’m not sure if this protocol will work for everyone, but it most certainly has worked for me with conditions.

It all starts when I work desperately to Heal My Son. Rather than two kitchens to accommodate his special needs, we all eat foods acceptable for him. This was the best decision ever! We eat real food, organic and Non-GMO as best possible. To recover the health of my son, we drop dairy (milk, cheese) and gluten. This is critical for many to recover.

It is about 3-4 years of really getting clean and consuming Broth {almost} daily

  • Hydrate with good water (what I use)
  • Getting outside more
  • Minimizing bagged/boxed/processed food
  • Eating Non-GMO food
  • Eating organic food when possible
  • Detoxing every day with real foods and
  • Taking customized food supplements, homeopathy, herbs, and essential oils.
  • Here’s a link to my cookbook written to guide you, and support my non-profit for orphans.

Then fringe benefits happen. Each subsequent child is healthier. We all look and feel better. We foster-to-adopt several children and notice improved behavior and health within a short time. Words can’t begin to express my joy! After losing a Foster son to secondary cancer resulting from chemotherapy, I change from pre-med course work to Nutritional coursework.

Then 3 years ago, I went to a Weston A. Price Conference . It was a defining moment. A vendor and speaker share a lot of information on the fish they catch, sell, and eat! They have charts on the best areas to catch each type of fish. I stalk them the first day. I ask a plethora of questions.

Fish allergyIn my purse I still carry Stinging Nettle Tincture and Benadryl. I decide to try some fish eggs and put this health initiative to the test! It was a Crazy notion! My desire to get my nutrients through food is super strong.

Meekly, I ask for a bit of the fish eggs and return in 30 minutes to take a few more. There is no itching, my throat did not tighten and swell. My chest did not begin to burn. So I continue. By the end of the day, I take a whole spoonful and the people at the booth must think me a shyster!

The next day I sample about 3 Tablespoons of fish caviar. Elation doesn’t even scratch the surface.

At this point, it was all about the fish. I order the filet of Wild Alaskan Sockeye, King, and Silver Salmon. And I splurge on the reasonably priced caviar, IKURA. This is better than taking fish supplements…this is enjoying food!

When our fish arrives, it is freezer-packed in a styrofoam cooler. That night I cook Salmon with lemon and salt. It is so incredibly delicious that there are no words to describe the beauty, freshness, and taste. I work up slowly over the next few weeks from a small piece to an average serving size. Obviously super excited, I begin to get acquainted with this fish and its flavors. I sprinkle parmesan and capers. We butter and salt for the grill. We bake with lemon and put it on thick. It’s just amazing.

Salmon on rice

The Condition

Thinking I am totally recovered, I go to Whole Foods when our supply of Vital Choice is out and obtain some wild caught salmon. Immediately upon taking one bite, I begin to itch and swell. It was horrible and disappointing! Benadryl and Stinging Nettles to the rescue, but it was almost an ER visit.

At this point, it appears the safest for me is to stick with Vital Choice. There is no other fish I want our family to eat. If my body can discern so acutely that Vital Choice is this clean, then why would I feed my family anything less. I will eventually try other fish through Vital Choice, but for now, Wild Alaskan Salmon is absolutely perfect.

The Value of Fish

The following video demonstrates the benefits of consuming fish due to the omega oils, minerals and the inherent risk of heart disease without these nutrients. With a fish allergy, I could not benefit from the many nutrients provided through wild caught fish.


Here is a link to the best fish in the world,  Vital Choice.  Even if you do not have allergies, you are worth it!




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20 thoughts on “Overcoming A Fish Allergy

  1. Wow, this is an amazing story!!! I wish there were more testimonies like this one to be compared and contrasted, so we could continue to learn more. The doctor who healed my daughter of asthma said she could never eat frozen fish because most of the companies add a preservative on the ship, right after the fish is caught, that contains dairy and dairy is her asthma trigger. This ingredient is undisclosed on packaging! (OY.) We have found since then that not all frozen fish is equal!! I am glad you are sharing such a clean, reliable company. And so happy for you!!! that you can have fish for the first time in your life! Thanks for sharing about your broth, no GM diet and this wonderful accomplishment.

    1. Thank you, Megan. I had no idea about the dairy additive; how strange. It would be wonderful to compare and collectively prove this recovery. My hope is that as we begin to improve our diets, more and more families will be able to accomplish this. It has just become a real effort to eat “clean”.

  2. Yay! You can eat fish!!! All I can think about now are those beautiful salmon eggs…love those <3

    1. They are super good, Sally! Pretty salty and great with almond crackers.

  3. Wow! This is really good to know! It’s too bad I didn’t know this info sooner, I was just talking to a lady about this very issue.

    Despite living in Japan for many years, I STILL have never tried salmon eggs…I might have to change that soon!

    1. Wow, that’s fun you lived in Japan, Tash. I do not know how to compare the taste because this is the only caviar I’ve had, but these are bigger than the caviar I’ve seen and they have this wonderful “burst” effect in your mouth that is almost therapeutic! They also have a wonderful, crisp, salty, ocean-feel with each bite.

  4. I love fish. Glad you will be able to enjoy it too!

    1. It is as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. Imagine if we could enable our companies to clean up and our children could eat foods again and we wouldn’t have all these disclaimers on our food (peanut factory, gluten, etc…)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Such an important one! Vital Choice is an awesome company.

    1. It really is wonderful to be able to eat it. Vital Choice is wonderful; we need more companies like this!

  6. This is an amazing story. I never realized that wild caught salmon was different from brand to brand. Eye opening.

    1. I didn’t realize this either, Anna. Nick educated me on this and it was the catalyst that caused me to try a bit of caviar. It seems that the same rules on land are applicable to the ocean. Know your harvester and the area in which the fish is caught.

  7. What an amazing story! Wow! That is so exciting and wonderful that you can eat fish again. I’m hoping to see improvements in my own food sensitivities (thankfully no allergies!) through a similar gut healing protocol.

    1. You will Chloe! It is fun. I’m nervous to try another fish because salmon has been so great.

  8. Good to know! I had never even heard of fish allergies.

  9. […] to get your “juices” flowing towards healthy changes. I actually recovered a birth food allergy , so it may be a temporary removal of some foods until your gut is healed.  Here are some basic […]

  10. Do you think you could eat fish you catch yourself?

    1. Deztany, that would be awesome! I have recently tried a bit of mullet from the gulf and it was a little itchy and I got scared. I’d love to catch some fresh carribean seafood where the water moves a little more and try that. My family can catch and they have no problems which is awesome!

  11. Glad you’re leveraging your kids death to sell sugar pill homeopathy remedies you fucking scumbag.

    1. I usually delete these messages but am compelled to reply to you. I don’t make money. I have a non profit business that supports local orphanages to eat healthier foods. Sharing where we have successes is my therapy. It is how I deal with losing a child to cancer when we had saved him from abandonment and neglect. We also worked and loved his biological parents to help them get back on their feet. Over my years of living, it always surprises me how my assumptions are generally wrong. This causes me to not judge people because I really have not walked in their shoes. I appreciate your need to express yourself. I hope you find happiness and I’m sorry for any losses you have had. Life can be really hard at times.

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