Overcoming ADD

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

It’s no joke how ADD and ADHD are debilitating. It happens mostly with boys. It is a chronic illness and DIET is a significant offender!  But would you like to hear a true story of a boy who overcame and did wonderful things?

Overcoming ADD

I suppose we all have hard times focusing, but this is not the case for the chronic illness diagnosed as ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

A more severe case prevents itself with learning disabilities, lack of ability to understand or focus…which is a critical part of development. Today’s statistics state that 1 in 10 children have ADD. ¹

Since we recognize and acknowledge the epidemic challenges we face with health today, Real Food Recovery takes a hard stand in recognizing ways to improve our “community health”. We refuse to propagate the sensationalism of the negative arena without introducing hope and real recovery at any level. It is our position to offer the causal possibilities and then empower with diets, supplements,  and a holistic approach that has evidence-based successes.

Recently a story came across my desk from a friend on social media! In respect of anonymity, we thank this beautiful family for sharing their successes so the rest of us can be encouraged and possible find recovery.

From our hearts to your home; enjoy and be moved to action!

Overcoming ADD

My son, although bright, struggled to graduate high school.

Due to ADD, he is easily distracted. At this time he realizes that his life is going nowhere and that he isn’t going to graduate. He retook the Math he failed in 9th grade as an 11th grader and graduated. At this point, my son states that he will NEVER go to college.

He attends a tech school to become an electrician, but he doesn’t enjoy it.

In summer he needs a job and there is an opening for a counselor position in a camp for kids with disabilities. He finds his calling! He LOVES the camp and is extremely talented as a leader here! My son declares that this is what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

I tell him that college and grad school is necessary to pursue this as a career.

He is so unhappy!

We both are able to see a boy we know transform from simply changing his diet and supplementation. I ask him if he ready to try this same protocol and eliminate some of his favorite foods. Our friend shares the supplement they use and we try it. It is a high-powered omega-3 from the Salvia Sclarea Sage plant.

He took one capsule and said,”Wow, I never knew what it felt like to focus.” As a younger boy, Concerta and Ritalin and offered depression, dizziness and a high. He hated the disconnected feeling of the drugs and refused to take them.

[Mandy’s note: many of the horrible school killings have been committed by kids who are taking Concerta and Ritalin and it is medically recorded, but not shared widely in the media. Please note that the side effects to Concerta and Ritalin are; anger, suicide, and violence.]2

Now he’s on the Clary Sage and says he is ready to try the diet. I take him for a blood test to find out his food sensitivities.


He cleaned up his diet and eliminated foods that harm him, takes the more natural Clary Sage and Voila!

My son graduates college with a 3.92 GPA Summa Cum Laude! He’s in grad school for social work. And he plans to become a clinical social worker, primarily dealing with people of disabilities.

He is also recently married!

This is the story we all want for our kids! Isn’t this amazing? The Elimination Diet is a great tool to discover your sensitivities. Here are some links to get your “juices” flowing towards healthy changes. I know many of benefits from eliminating foods because I actually recovered from a true birth food allergy. It may be a temporary removal of some foods until your gut is healed, but well worth the sacrifice.

Here are some basic tips on eating to get your family healthy. And we are trying this Clary Sage for our kids that need it! (Here’s what we are getting!)

Be inspired, be empowered!


¹ Source: American Pediatric Journal 2011

2 Here is a link to a research analysis to consider (not the political part!): http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/14655-prescription-for-murder

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  1. Do you know where they purchased the oil from?

    1. I do not. She approved the one I have posted and linked in the bottom “We are trying this one” links to Amazon. If I can reach her, I will ask.

  2. I too am interested to know where to get this Omega-3 Supplement. As a child and an adult I have struggled with ADD. I could only achieve a 2.5 in high school and in college. Focus is difficult. I have taken grains out of my diet and that helped much, but I would like to try this supplement.

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