Persimmons -The Best Fruit on the Planet!

Persimmons-The Best Fruit on the Planet!

I make no bones about it! There is no tie here. Persimmons are incredibly delicious. It’s not a common fruit, so if you have never tried one, you are seriously missing out on a genuine treasure.


There is no limit to my sacrificial love for my family. I give cheerfully of myself. BUT, we recently took a trip to Israel. And this is where we discover…the persimmon. So many amazing things and this fruit is surely one of them.

Upon return home, we actually find them in the grocery store and are rather elated.

Then deflated! They are $1.50 each! It costs about 4 times more than Israel.

We buy them anyway.

Then towards the end of February, the fruit is looking rather ripe and it is the last shipment until next season. They are on sale, so I buy them all. We decide to eat all the good ones and make ice cream with the ripe ones. It is a treat, so I thought we could share our joy of persimmons.

This fruit is in season from October to January and extremely high in Vitamin A. And now I am really missing it! So I thought it might be fulfilling to share my favorite fruit to bide the time.


Freeze some for when they are out of season.

 Did you know that there are two kinds of persimmons?

1. Non-astringent variety (top photo) which looks like a tomato because it is flat in nature. This variety needs to be very hard with a slight softness at the stem.

2. Astringent variety which is a more oblong shape. This variety must be softened for a long time on the shelf after purchased. It is delicious, but if it is not avocado-soft, it will feel and taste like chalk.

During these months-in-want, you can pull out your frozen persimmons (worth more than gold) and plop them into your blender The one I use with a banana.

Persimmon pureed

Persimmon Puree with banana for creamier texture.


Remove from blender and viola, Persimmon Ice Cream.

Now you can have persimmon all year long. So for my humble admission…We had only 4 fresh persimmons left and I ate every single one of them. I would not let my children eat even one! They are still in disbelief because I give them everything! But these…these little jewels are my selfish addiction.

My children repaid me the other day, so don’t feel too bad for them! We don’t go to the grocery stores very often, but this day we did. My son decided to act excited and told me there was a persimmon around the aisle. As I hurried to approach, he started giggling. Upon arrival, I look to see these yellow flat tomatoes sitting in the basket But is is a yellow tomato! All the children began to giggle, to which I respond, “That’s lying and it’s still NOT funny!”

Hope you find and enjoy a persimmon in the very near future!


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