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Cookbook With a Purpose

As I sit here concerned for the 80 foster/ orphan children during this hurricane, I want to share my cookbook which is a  cool way you can support my efforts to create a model to change their fate and yours! ❤️

Real Food Recovery Cookbook

There are a lot of cookbooks out there that are glossy and they sit beautifully on coffee tables across the world. This cookbook should get dirty with food! With commitment, my cookbook also gives 100% of proceeds to help children at risk (foster children). Sharing your review and allowing others to find this cookbook, helps spread the love and charity.

Currently, foster children have more sicknesses, more doctor visits, and 75% are imprisoned 5 years after aging-out at 18 years old. As you can imagine, a high percentage of the US prisons are filled with people who formerly filled the foster system. My goal is to change this statistic. We want to create a model for 500,000 children in the US which will change the future for these children.


Everyone says there is no time to cook or they don’t know how and I’d like to reconfigure these current social thoughts. My childhood memories include my mom and grandmothers working and then cooking in the kitchen. These women are super influential to me and the food is a significant part of fun gatherings. Now, hanging out with my family is the best, but I lost my roots to eat well together with all the doctor’s visits and treatments for my children at first. Additionally, affording all of the medical bills and treatments available is taxing. Therefore, we decide to step out of the hamster race and we take a different route to recovery; Food. Since we all consume food every day, it presents itself as the most powerful and affordable way to recover my child (ren). With tremendous love and a small investment in local farm food, we actually find significant recovery.

Next, we foster children and figure out how to juggle the fun and the cooking. Around 10 children come into our home within a few short years. Amazingly, each child is sick, yet recovers as I continue the quest to employ food as my medicinal tool. Of course, we also employ wonderful, holistic doctors in tandem. Yet, we have to go less and less for sick visits!

Success Captured in this Cookbook for Others

Incredibly, each child improves over two weeks and behaviors change in two months,s we had to share our discovery. It is more than knowledge; it is an action plan that helps people get better! 

The next phase is working with the Orphan/ Foster Homes and reaching more children than I could possibly bring into my home. However, this requires money. Joyfully, we support these children with: gardens, foods, and fun classes to inspire good habits. These are not part of the foster system budget.

Thus, the publication of my book, Real Food Recovery – The Busy Mom’s Guide to Health & Healing with 92 Gluten Free, Casein Free (GFCF) Recipes. I even share the way we move back into eating dairy. All the proceeds go to my non-profit business, Real Food Recovery. This way I would NOT have to ask for donations and money. Families can buy the book, improve their health, and the profits would support the kids we work with in orphanages.

Goals and Comments

Now I have the responsibility to create the menu for a group of Foster Homes, and a Group Orphanage Home. Thankfully, an amazing girl who is a Registered Dietitian joins me to sign for the required annual audit. Also, the orphan home will document the improvements in behavior, grades, and health which is a powerful influence. 

Some of my favorite comments from moms and dads reading my cookbook are:

  • How easily they can make these recipes,
  • How their kids love the recipes, or
  • Their kids actually try the recipe, even though they may not like it.

Our goal is simplistic- get families in the kitchen and aware of the tremendous influence you have regarding the health of your loved ones!

Thank you for being a part of our mission! We love to hear from you. Visit us for more fun ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook too.

Real Food Recovery cookbook

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