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Here at Real Food Recovery, we put stock in Real Food …

We get some fussy eaters in our home! From fostering kids and friends coming over, we have learned that beautiful real food = food consumption.

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Yes, Bell peppers can be expensive. However, if you find a Farmer’s Market with some great organic farmers, you can really find some local deals. This is our season for bell peppers! The nutrients in every vegetable has a uniqueness (as well as shared qualities), so we try to get a variety of what’s in season. And this is a dish that even the fussy eaters will eat.

Bonus Tip: When we are able to grow/harvest our own vegetables, it seems that the children are more likely to eat them! {smile}

Therefore, we are always trying new things and experimenting with our foods.

A comment many parents share in exasperation is the fact that their child will not eat vegetables or fruit. Children today have become conditioned to eat foods highly processed, laden with additives and sugar. These foods are not really food and we have to let that sink in often. Food is suppose to nourish and fuel our energy.  This article from Dr. Mercola on Michael Pollan’s book is a great read.

As a Certified Nutritional Therapist and a Foster Mom we find that making food fun and keeping it real is very helpful in getting children to eat. We have had some tough cases with our children and we share so that an awareness is brought forth and a chance to recover is encouraged to that someone who just didn’t know…read here.

For the children (and adults!) here is a Great Book that will certainly give a “real food” nutritional education.

Hopefully, reading this beautiful recipe will inspire you and your children to improve your diet and get healthy. Prevention is much easier to manage than working hard on recovery and going against the current. And it is so available to recover using food to become a happy and healthier YOU!

Real Food Flower Ingredients

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Bell Peppers

1+ egg per person  –  local pasture-fed (chicken, duck, or double for quail eggs)

Fat as needed to fry (butter, ghee, coconut oil, red palm oil)

Paprika for garnish

Real Food Flower Instructions

  • Wash vegetables thoroughly in water with a spritz of lemon.
  • Next slice the peppers as shown in the photos.
  • Drop a few tablespoon or more of good fat into a steel frying pan and
  • Turn the burner on Medium heat.
  • Place the sliced peppers into the pan.
  • Crack eacg egg into a small glass and check for blood or other “yucky stuff” (we have chickens).
  • Place the sliced peppers across the bottom of the pan.
  • Take the good egg and put it inside the slice of pepper.

Real Food Flower Egg Breakfast

Now cover to allow the top of the egg to cook faster. This will take about 3 minutes, if you like the inside runny. For optimal benefit, you want the white albumin completely cooked and the yolk fat raw and runny. Source GAPS.

As the eggs approach your desired state, simply remove from the pan and put on the plate.

Bon Appetit!

This dish is a simple, whole food option that will certainly “woo” the children and members of the table to enjoy this first meal of the day.

Real Food Flower Breakfast

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