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Our Book! After many years of ugly, something beautiful arises. We are recovering kids! This book is my gift to empower every parent! “Real Food Recovery” is available on Kindle, Amazon, and select stores beginning September 20, 2016.

Real Food Recovery Book Launch

Real Food Recovery Book Kindle & Hard cover

For those of you who support our journey and have been awesome followers of what we do, this book will be on kindle Sept 20 for super cheap! This is to ask for you to read and give a quick review. The goal is to reach out and encourage every family. Here is the link:

Real Food Recovery: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Health & Healing – with 92 Gluten Free, Casein Free (GFCF) Recipes

This cookbook is not intended for eye candy or entertainment. Although it certainly has its place, I have made some real, hard decisions! In a world where we can dress up and make everything pretty; beautiful needs reinventing! We need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and take back the pieces where we have ultimate authority. No matter what you face: autism, eczema, ADHD, IBS…it is devastating. However, there is a real way to recover and it is not that complicated.

Every day I hear someone diminish their value in the kitchen, “I don’t like to cook”, I’m a horrible cook”, “I can’t do that”,”Who has time to cook”, etc… ENOUGH! In this authentic cookbook, I want it to look like you CAN do this…even in the photos. I want you to look at this cookbook and think, “I can do this”, “This doesn’t look that hard”, “How simple is this”! We have to get in the kitchen. There is power and empowerment in that kitchen.

What a privilege to share how simple it is to recover completely or to a great level!

My life-changing experiences with birth and foster kids culminates in this cookbook, “Real Food Recovery”.

This book is just as good as a Judy Blume book, except Mandy Blume is writing real ways to recover where you have authority – your body and your family. This book is real, simple, and empowering so be inspired to take your health back into your hands through your kitchen!

A Higher Purpose

Did I share that this funds my nonprofit company bearing the same name? Along with grants and a local donor, we will continue to provide more gardens, good local food and empowerment to foster-home kids! It’s a perfect set-up! As you un-complicate the recovery path, I’ll be able to reach out more to these precious kids and help them recover too.

Real Food Recovery Book

On September 20, the kindle version will be available for $1. This is a great price! I’ve done this to ask that you would be so kind as to give a book review so that we can reach other people and help them realize what we put in our bodies is important.  

How Our Partnership Helps Foster Kids

My publisher has educated me on how the marketing world works, so I’m sharing this with you. The first 30 days are critical for a book launch. It is vital to have the most sales because this will determine the success of a book. Therefore, let’s get this book high on the google charts by simply writing a review on Amazon. 

Thank you all for your support and for coming along this fantastic journey. Your reviews on amazon and shares throughout all social media mean the world to me. Fostering has limitations and challenges, but we strive to make good from the not good and give hope to the hopeless. 

I will come up with fun things to do over the next few weeks, so stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are doing book signings at local coffee/tea/kombucha shops and bookstores, so stop by if you are near St. Petersburg, Florida.

October 2, 2016  Haslam’s BookStore   2 – 4pm

Your likes, comments, shares and encouragements mean so much! 

Be blessed and recover!


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