Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children

Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children

Recovering the Health of Foster Children

Recently I had the privilege of meeting a very special lady. She is full of passion and we had some bits of time to discuss some real societal challenges with the health of our children. Of course, I’m speaking of Sarah Pope with The Healthy Home Economist!

We discuss missing bones and organs in children today. We are troubled with the allergies that prevent us from eating “food”. And we talk of how this is SO simple to change…well, a gradual change allows for the best achievable health.

So as we talk, it occurs to us that maybe I could share a bit of a world that my family walked into that really “rocked” us!

Click the link and check out The Healthy Home Economist and see what Fostering Nutrition is talking about at this incredible site.

Blessings to you and yours,

Mandy Lee




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Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal Real Food Recovery. Since losing a 4 yr old to cancer while fostering to adopt, Mandy founded a nonprofit organization recovering children at-risk using real food, real discussion, and encouragement. As a Wife, Mom of birth, foster, and adopted children, author, Nutritional Therapist, & NRT, Mandy shares simple food tips while volunteering in a local Orphanage to create a model for change. Connect with Mandy through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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2 thoughts on “Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children

  1. What a great post. That is so awesome that you are able to help these kids and get the word out for others.
    I am wondering how much kids fight you on the food changes. So often sick children with food issues don’t want to eat anything healthy. Have you had trouble with this?

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! It would be so wonderful to help families get a child…and a child get a family. In our experience, each child is different. You are right, though. The sicker the child, the harder it is to get them to eat healthy. We persevere. The first few days are the hardest. They have to eat a little bit of the food. Eventually hunger wins and they eat. We don’t have junk in our home, so it is tough. When they won’t eat an apple, I blend it and add honey and they will eat applesauce. Since our first child had cancer, I find the food to be as important as the love. Together their behavior improves so quick! We spend time planting a garden. Even if a few herbs and so far, every child loves eating what they grow.

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