Repopulate the Gut for Immunity

How to Repopulate the Gut

Repopulate the Gut!

When angry, many times it is possible to correct the gut and experience improvement. Please view our article of “Discipline or a Bad Gut” . Additionally, we break down the steps of giving an enema because it  helps many children (and adults!). But have you ever thought about a way to repopulate your gut? It is like an enema except a different approach.

The difference in an enema vs supplanting is: the amount of liquid and the substance used.

With an enema, the goal is to clean out the bowels that are causing undesirable symptoms.

The goal of Supplanting is to put beneficial bacteria and yeast into your bowels -to stay. Supplanting is a lot simpler and faster than an enema. But, this is not something we do often. Ideally, the gut flora populates based on a good diet and therefore customizes to your specific genetic make-up.

However, when there are acute issues and an enema helps detox, it is important to also repopulate the gut. It is just an immune boost every once in a while.

With enemas, we find it critical to take mineral supplements and Amino Acids. As you flush out your gut, good microbiota can come out along with the bad microbiota. When you orally taking these food supplements, we ensure our body replenishes with the “building blocks” needed to support recovery.

The Case for an Implant/Supplant

Many have read or heard of a fecal implant and there is substantial data to validate the benefit of this process as it is said to overcome bad bacteria. It is a mechanism in which to fight out harmful bacteria that has overtaken a person’s gut. One way is a fecal implant. Read more here.

This way makes me squeamish! Despite the claims of “sterility”, I just can’t get past using someone else’s poo. Therefore, we will continue using our clean, raw probiotics and supplanting these when needed.

There are two categories of probiotics; one is more transient because they fight the bad guys, bind, and exit. The other is more native and “digs into the gut” to become part of you. We use both of these.

Here’s a simple way to supplant microbiota into the gut and a super fast approach afterward:


1 -2 probiotic supplements, examples are  this (transient) and this (native)

1/4 cup of distilled water gently warmed to room temperature


Salve; coconut oil, Shea Butter, or un-vaseline,

Small Bowl,

Hand towel, and a

Bulb syringe, we like this

Distilled Water


Open the probiotic over the bowl and pour contents inside. Slowly pour the gently warmed distilled water into the bowl and stir. Do not strain.


Remember to relax as much as possible and try to “hold” it in. Initially, you may feel the need to express it out. Just wait and your body will take and absorb it.


Get on your knees. We are gently squeezing probiotics directly into the bowels through the anus and allowing it to directly populate your gut.


Put the 1/4 cup of warm “room temperature warm” with the probiotic mix. Take the syringe bulb and vacuum up all the probiotic tea. Hold the syringe with the bulb in your hand and the small side up. Gently squeeze all of the air out. Keep that tension.


Place the salve of choice onto the tip of the bulb and gently insert the tip of the bulb into the rectum about 1/4 -1/2 inch. Squeeze into the bowels without releasing the bulb. Be sure to squeeze as you pull the bulb out to reduce any suctioning from the bowels, which would contaminate the interior of the bulb.

Cover with a towel and hold for 5 minutes. The beginning is the hardest; the need to push will diminish after a few minutes. That’s it! A happier gut is in motion. Just hop up and let it stay in your bowels.

What’s Happening Inside

It helps to have a visual…especially for the children. Imagine a battle going on inside your gut. Somehow the bad population is more; bacteria, yeast, parasites. We must send in an army to fight off all the bad population that harms us. The probiotics are the population of good bacteria and yeast who will now be able to get rid of the bad population of bad bacteria and yeast. This is how we “repopulate” the gut and turn around our health and subsequently our behavior. See More Here.

Battle of the gut


As always, when you are unsure or have an acute issue, consult with a holistic doctor.

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18 thoughts on “Repopulate the Gut for Immunity

  1. Mandy,

    I used to have the same enema bulb syringe you show in the picture.
    The large orange bulb syringe. Laying on its side.

    Where did you get that bulb from?

    I know of the bulb enema syringe you have a link to.

    On your garlic enema instructions you have a smaller, take apart, enema bulb.

    Both of the bulbs you have listed are great. But I am looking for one like the orange one you have pictured for the Supplant The Gut article.


    1. Susan, I could not find my syringes on Amazon which surprises me. Truly my syringes are optimal. The syringes readily available through Amazon will just require a few more times to administer, as you know. I did find similar sizes on ebay under “medical syringe bulb enema” but I decided not to link because the photo might disappear.

  2. Mandy,


    When you say “your syringes” which ones do you mean? do you mean the green one that you give the garlic enemas with? and the blue one for the supplant? you had links to both of those.

    I am looking for the orange one you have pictured. I had that syringe for years. Lost it.

    I found a green one that looks like the orange one you have pictured.

    But does not state how much water it holds.

    I like the one you have on the garlic enema article. But does it leak when given an enema with it? since it screws together… I would think it would leak when squeezing it when giving the enema?

    By the way, your web page is wonderful. Every mom should find your page and read.

    1. Thank you, Susan. I work hard to share our successes to hopefully empower families.
      Please share where you found the green syringe? Like you, I ordered the orange and green syringes a few years ago and I am unable to find them on Amazon now. These are great because they have a 6 and 8 oz capacity bulb. My more current syringe bulbs ordered are smaller at 3 oz. Fortunately I have not had it leak.

  3. Mandy, when you say you ordered the orange syringe, do you mean the one that is in the picture on your Repopulate The Gut (above)?

    When you say green one, do you mean the take apart green one that you show on your Garlic Enema article or a green one that is like the orange one (pictured above)?

    I am looking for the orange one.

    I did find a green one that is the same as your the orange one pictured above. It held either 8 or 10 oz. Unfortunately I didn’t order it.

    I will look for the green one (that is the same as your orange one pictured above) and let you know where to buy it.

    Have you had good results with the probiotics used in the implant enemas?

  4. Mandy,

    Sorry I misread your reply.

    The orange and green ones you ordered from few years ago are the same type of larger enema bulb. Just one is orange and one is green/blue. They hold 6 to 8 oz or more of water. Depending on the size ordered.

    I had the 8 oz orange one. One piece bulb. It was excellent for giving an enema.

    I recently found the same one as the orange one in green/blue. Did not order it. Should have. I regret not ordering it.
    I could not find another orange larger bulb syringe.

    I am looking for where I found it now.

    I know your current smaller 3 oz bulb syringe you have now. It is the one that you can open up the bulb part for cleaning and airing out. This helps prevent mold.

    I found with proper cleaning and airing out, the one piece bulb is fine. I replaced the larger one piece orange bulb a few times. Would toss it out after about 6 months of use and get another one.

    As you say “require a few more times to administer.” I had, and used it a few times, the same 3 oz bulb syringe. Last time I used it I had to refill it two or three times when giving an enema with it. Which makes it sometimes difficult when the one getting an enema with the small 3 oz bulb is resisting it and squirming.

    That is why I went to the larger 8 oz orange bulb. Don’t have to refill it.

  5. love your articles! Thanks for writing and teaching others.

    I have given home enemas with the bag and a bulb.

  6. Mandy, I have looked and looked for a 6 or 8 oz one piece orange enema bulb syringe. Same as the one you have in the picture. Cannot find one anywhere.
    You mentioned a few years ago that you had ordered that bulb. Were you able to find that bulb again? I am confused as to where you originally ordered the 6 or 8 oz enema bulb from?
    As you say they are a great enema bulb syringe because they have a 6 and 8 oz capacity bulb.
    It must be sold somewhere.
    When I moved. after my divorce, I misplaced or threw out the orange 8 oz enema bulb I had.
    After I got settled, I purchased the current bulb you use. Holding only 3oz it is too small of a capacity and has to be refilled when giving enemas with it. There is nothing wrong with the two piece one you use. It is just too small of a capacity now.
    Just so other moms know, I have not had it leak either.

    1. Mandy a mom friend of mine found the one piece rubber orange enema bulb syringe!

      Various sizes. I may buy the N9 – 270 ml / 9.13 fl oz. Or the N6 which is a little over 6 oz.

      They are not made in the USA. Foreign made. Says hospital quality.

      If you like I will send you the link to these.

      She is going to buy the N6 or the N9.

      They are one piece rubber enema bulb. Like the one you have pictured.

      I cannot vouch for the company or quality of the bulb.

      Before giving any enema check with your doctor to be sure it is ok to give an enema.

    2. Previously, I had found bulbs on Amazon. I found some medical grade bulbs on ebay as well. Just search under “medical grade N9 or N6 bulb”.

  7. Finally found a 12 oz (375 ml) one piece red rubber enema bulb on amazon.
    Found at:

    Used to have a 8 oz one piece enema bulb syringe in the home. Was great for giving enemas. So wanted to find the same thing. Could not find a 8 oz one again. The 12 oz holds a little more solution. Works very well for enemas. For giving a 6 or 8 oz enema with it, I just don’t give the entire contents of the syringe.

    One piece vs take a part bulbs. Problem with one piece syringe is cleaning it.

    Cleaning the enema bulb has been mentioned a few times on here.

    If giving or getting an enema with the bulb syringe, cleaning the bulb syringe is very important.

    A few years ago I learned the hard way about bulb cleaning. When was going to give an enema some black stuff, mold, came out of the syringe when I was cleaning it before the enema. So good to clean the bulb syringe before the enema and after the enema.

    This page may be helpful for cleaning the enema bulb syringe:

    There is also instructions on her page for coffee enemas.

    Peak-Health-Now is a great natural healing web page. I also recommend and book Prescription For Nutritional Healing. Every home should have a copy of that book.

    1. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Good article

  9. can this be given to a toddler?

    Where did you get the one piece red rubber bulb from?

    1. Absolutely. We’ve done this since my kids were babies. There are many places to find these bulbs. At CVS, Walgreens or online.

      1. Looked all over. Could not find a larger 8 oz one piece.

        Sorry for the duplicate comments.

        Will write more later.

        1. Mandy —

          Praying you are doing ok during these trying times. Hope the good Lord will take care of all of us.

          The one piece enema bulb syringe. ughh looked and looked for one.

          Found two one piece red rubber enema bulbs on line. Didn’t order yet.
          One from e bay. Other from amazon.

          Have you ever ordered one from on line source?

          I don’t know if good idea to order from on line or not. What do you think?

          Looked and looked in local stores for one. Not there. The only enema I found locally is the old fashioned 2 quart red rubber enema bag in local store.

          I want to administer enemas again to my two.
          I had the one piece, like the one you have pictured on here, but threw it out not long ago.

          Bless you hon,

          1. I have tried the two piece like you use.
            Didn’t care for it. Always thought it would leak at the seam when giving an enema. And those do not hold enough water.

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