How Salt Offers Real Minerals

Salt Minerals We Love

When we decided to have children 18 years ago, it just happened. My husband and I love; being parents, making crazy fun, exploring, and keeping our family healthy and happy. When the children get sick, it inspires us to do better. Therefore, we are always learning new and fun ways to stay strong. Since minerals are so important, salt is an easy way to get these nutrients!

Try Salt for minerals

Hand Me the Salt

Although I’ve met some folks who are trying to avoid salt, the concept is foreign. My husband and I seek to be like salt of the earth, and that’s impossible if we don’t consume these valuable minerals. Plus, salt brings out all the myriad of flavors in food.

No thank you on the bleached, white salt with anti-caking agents, however, the high-quality colored salts are amazing! Not only do these salts add 60 to 92 trace minerals to our bodies, but they also add style to presentation and taste. With all these benefits, we have a dish on our table that allows our children free choice to pinch a little salt onto their plate and into their systems. A little goes a long way! There are Mineral supplements but it’s hard to get children to take them. Plus, as long as the body is hydrated, these salts give tremendous benefits and since it’s a food more nutrients are absorbed :

  • Electrolysis
  • Nervous System Support
  • Hydration (water stays better with salt)
  • Helps Satiate (family and our farm animals)

Salting Forward

Each week I take the best of our family learnings and have a fun class with orphans, aka Foster kids, in my community. This week we had a sampling of many different salts. Hands down, the children all picked the Hawaiian Black Salt as the favorite! Unfortunately, the kids are a very highly medicated group. Passionately, I want to give them a little of our parenting love and it gives me great joy to teach them ways to improve their health while enjoying food in a beautiful, new tasty way.  We tried:

  • Black Salt
  • Red Salt
  • Gold Salt
  • Pink Salt
  • Grey Salt

Each salt has some sodium chloride as well as magnesium, sulfur, molybdenum, and a variety of other minerals essential in “trace amounts” for body strength. See this link for some fun, easy, crafts to flavor salts! We even make a solé that is useful for soups. The recipe and studies are included in our cookbook Real Food Recovery!

In our little corner, these simple, more nutrient dense choices are the ways we eat healthier. And that’s pretty important in these times.


Try Salt for minerals

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