School Bash with Good Food

School Bash with Good Food!

Every year, folks bring pizza to drop off before school starts at the orphanage. It’s really kind, but I want a “Going Back to School Bash” with real pizzazz!

Greens and Sauces School Bash

As my weekday approached to visit the Orphanage, I grew excited since Real Food Recovery is providing this year’s “Before School Bash”. I had a fun idea. I wanted something delicious and healthy that the kids could truly celebrate!

Unfortunately, my non-profit bank account was not prepared for what I had planned…but I had a thought. As I work towards finding a Corporate Sponsor, why not contact one of our family’s favorite restaurant and ask to split the bill?

They were great sports!

I called Zac, in catering, and he loved the idea. He spoke with the GM and the plan was in place. Fresh Kitchen has a Gluten Free approach to food and no sugar (except a little in the BBQ Chicken!) It’s a wonderful place and popular among all people (even folks that aren’t into the “healthy” movement).

The food presented in a buffet style where you choose a: Base, Veggie, Protein, and Sauce. There are many ways to customize your plate. As mom, this is my “go to” place when crazy busy. My children love the food; my only rule is that you must have green on the plate. It has never been an issue getting green with the incredibly delicious selection at Fresh Kitchen.

Entering the orphanage, the kids rush towards me to find out what’s happening tonight. The smells give it all away! I’m carrying beautiful bags filled with delicious, healthy food.

Fresh Kitchen Packaging School Bash

Excitement builds with the kids and the Chef, Mario, is able to have a little break tonight.

Greens Fresh Kitchen School Bash

Obviously, not everyone liked everything. But everyone tried the food and enjoyed it! That’s my only request. To try it! These are really picky kids, and they each ate a great dinner! We fed about 35 kids and staff.

Big Boys School Bash

A BIG “Thank you” to Fresh Kitchen for joining me! These kids are truly special and I know that with good food, love, and education, the sky is the limit!

Finally, our hope is to bring our successful family practice to this bigger home and greatly improve the statistics for these kids’ future while creating a model for other Institutional Homes to follow. Visit my page for more information on my efforts for these kids.

From our family to yours,


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  1. Leave it to you Mandy to come up with such a great way to nourish these kids!!!

    Hope to see you In Baltimore this fall for the WAPF conference!


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