Shakshuka Breakfast for Anytime

Shakshuka– quick, healthy, and fun to say!

No, I did not sneeze nor am I going to a dance.   Shakshuka Shakshuka is a wonderful, healthy meal that can be put together rather quickly. We find this is especially good when the tomatoes are in season. When we have surprise guests, this is a quick dish we can whip up…and we have fun introducing the name, shakshuka [shahk-shoo-kah].

In our home, we genuinely try to eat real foods. Marry that to the fact that we love to travel and experience all that God has made…which brings us to find some wonderful new foods. Shakshuka is a recent discovery from our trip to Israel and it has quickly become a staple dish in our home.

There is a lot of “wiggle-room” for this recipe, therefore this is a guideline. Please feel free to add your variations.

Ingredients [try to get organic, non-GMO. Note: food will not be perfect, there will be imperfections]:

Recipe for 6

1 TBSP of fat (butter, ghee, coconut oil, red palm oil)

4 Bell Peppers

5 tomatoes (when not fresh, we use this)

2 onions

3 clove or more of garlic (I love this stuff – plus it is a natural antibiotic)

1 tsp each: cumin, paprika

pinch of cayenne

6 eggs (1 for each person)

Chop and place all ingredients (except the eggs) in a non-toxic pan (We use this) for 20-30 minutes. Stir and then make a little space to gently place eggs into the pan on top of sauce. Cook for another few minutes. This will poach the egg so you get the full nutrients. With a wide mouth spoon, gently scoop the egg and sauce into plates.

Now you have a healthful breakfast that is quick and super yummy. Happy Shakshuka!



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