Something from My Body is Staining My Bra!

Is Something Staining Your Bra!

This is really important! So I’ll forego the discomfort of discussion for the greater good! We need to clean some toxins out of our bodies and especially those moms who are nursing!


Usually, I am private about the amazing insights in my business of helping others, mostly children. Many times, a mom will ask questions and I get to help her too. This is a modest area, but it is alarming how many women around me that have this same issue. Now, we are seeing the older girls in the foster system with this issue.

Please note: I am NOT a doctor, just did some coursework in university and decided to go the nutritional route. I have many medical friends and neighbors whom I value and respect (and they value me). As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nutrition Response Tester, I am sharing my experience and leading you to evaluate. If you need to see a doctor please do. I was able to repair this issue with food and food supplements.

The Doctor Collaboration

One day I visit a doctor and friend and ask him to double check my “finding”. I tell him I have stains on my bra where my nipples “sit”. When I test it, I test for hormone disruption with chemicals and more specifically for plastic mix and petroleum. He confirms the finding. So we begin the protocol and it took a few months to stop the secretions that left stains in my bra.

bra stains

Where do we get plastic mix and petroleum?

  • isopropyl alcohol in skincare
  • laundry detergents
  • housecleaning products
  • fumes at the gas station
  • bottled water (research ingredients in plastic bottles; affects of heating plastic in transport and warehouse storage)

**Source: Wagner et al. Endocrine disruptors in bottled mineral water: total estrogenic burden and migration from plastic bottles. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2009; DOI: 10.1007/s11356-009-0107-7

Why is the breast affected?

“Research conducted by NIEHS/NTP scientists suggests that the mammary gland, the milk-producing structure in the breast,is uniquely sensitive to the effects of toxic chemicals.”  Read all here

mammary glands

“As a result of hormonal activity, the breast…during pregnancy…the fatty tissue is largely replaced by glandular tissue…which secretes milk”

Photo excerpt from “The World’s Best Anatomical Charts” by the Anatomical Chart company

But simplified, the female breast is glandularly affected by hormones. These hormones cause secretions. It got fuzzy when I thought I was secreting milk, but discovered (after nursing!) I was secreting toxins that were staining my bra. Plastic mix is a known hormone disruptor. Just putting the pieces together as they came for me. Bottled water is certainly a contributor (which I guzzled exorbitantly during nursing!) as well as conventional cleaning supplies and skincare products I used. These factors have been changed, but the toxins remain. So here is our protocol!

Whats helps get rid of stains in your bra and remove toxins from your body:

  1. Clean bra with Organic Soap Nuts
  2. Scrub with Pure-Castile Soap
  3. Use natural products to clean your home and body (think baking soda, lemon, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide) . This is a great resource I use for my monthly green cleaning and some beauty items Grove Collective.
  4. Avoid bottled water, use something like Glass Beverage Bottle. Less chance of leaching any chemicals. (NOT going to debate which chemicals leach, but basic science of heat transfer works here)  More tips to reduce plastics.
  5. Take restoring and rebuilding supplements
  6. Exercise to remove toxins
  7. Try juicing resource link
  8. Bone broth that is properly prepared, will nourish the body with minerals which support the detox and chicken stock will help heal the mucosal lining in the small intestines. Read this by Eat Naked and this, regarding breastfeeding.



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25 thoughts on “Something from My Body is Staining My Bra!

  1. Great post! I worked as a nurse in L&D and NICU where soooo many women complained about exactly this problem! It’s a big issue that people are scared to talk about so thank you for bringing it up! It definitely needs a voice. I’ll be sharing this information with my friends and with other nurses, too. Thanks for the good info.

    1. Thanks, Sherri. It is alarming.

  2. I have those stains but I have limited exposure to all of those things!! Boo. I don’t use alcohol hardly ever, I use glass and stainless steel for drinking if at all possible, I try to avoid inhaling too many fumes while pumping gas, I make my own detergent, I use natural cleaners. I know I’m not perfect and will occasionally (mostly necessity) drink from a plastic bottle or use alcohol to sanitize a thermometer or something. But for the most part I’m pretty diligent about these things. I’m not questioning your research at all! Don’t get me wrong…but do you think there could be other toxins causing the stains or another explanation? Thanks for writing this post and doing so much research. I thought it was so weird that I had stains like that!

    1. Thanks, Catherine for your comments. Sounds like you are pretty clean. It’s annoying isn’t it? All the ladies I have tested showed these chemicals, but it is entirely possible that other chemicals or metals could be the cause. We are all bio-individually different (that was hard to type!) The sad thing is that many of the ladies I work with have been healthy for years. I realize that adipose tissue holds toxins for years, so just try juicing for a bit (with cilantro) and see if you can cleanse.

  3. I am just like Catherine @ Happily Ever Crafter. I have none of the above triggers. THAT’S scary. I haven’t nursed in 9 years and still have these stains continually appear. I DO know my hormones are out of whack by my changed cycle, continual weight gain and addition of cellulite, skin tags that keep multiplying, etc. I do go to a naturopathic doctor who has hit a brick wall with how to treat me. VERY frustrating. In recent months I’ve tried lots of coconut oil, raw dairy, and LOTS of grass-fed liver. Still stumped!

    1. If you could find a Nutritional Response tester that might help. The issue is finding the root cause and how your Autonomic Nervous System may be imbalanced. One restore and rebuild supplement to consider might be Mammary PMG from Standard Process. This will help the breast tissue directly. Also, there are enough studies now that show plastics and pesticides most closely mimic estrogen, and breast tissue is estrogen-receptive…..only trace minerals plus Full-Spectrum Minerals and enzymes, psyllium and clay which absorbs toxins–can completely get rid of plastics or pesticides, if that’s what you have. There is so much, but I wish you success to clear this. It took me a few months and some of the mommies I help it takes longer. Hang in there, don’t give up. 🙂 Maybe this can help spark your naturopathic doctor. This was a stumper and when we got it, I wanted to share.

  4. Very interesting. I had no idea you could tell this way! Thanks for sharing. <3

  5. Can the secretions cause itching from inside the nipple? Also does this cause other hormonal disruptions? I have been experiencing “menopausal” symptoms along with itching. I dont have the stains on my bra but I have noticed an odd clear oily secretion from my nipples. Its not a lot but I feel enough to be causing the itching. I say secretion because its very minimal. Whereas a discharge I feel would be more. I spoke with my gynecologist and my hormones are off but not enough for early menopause. I am 36!

    1. Mixed reviews; some have itching, some don’t. 36 seems too young to me, but I talked recently with a girl who had a new vaccine at 13 years old and she was having menopausal responses! Crazy food additives and vaccines. True on the verbiage; secretions is a better description. The breast tissue is a receptor for early indication of hormone imbalances, so I would start doing a cup of good bone broth in the morning and a good protocol going forward. It’s alarming how many are affected by this, so I hope you get this turned around, because you can! Blessings.

  6. […] water – convenient option, may have chemical issues from heated storage. See this. Use Glass where […]

  7. I have been noticing for a couple of years now that I have gray stains in my bra. I just thought maybe I was really dirty and when I was sweating it was just dirt. But, I noticed I could never get it out of bra. And, for the fact that it keeps continuing. I buy new bras because after awhile they look gross and then the new bra soon gets it in there as well. I very rarely drink out of a plastic bottle, I use pledge for dusting every month or so. I did breast feed for about 4-6 weeks when I had my daughter, but she is 2.5 now. When reading some of the tips to prevent it or to clean with to get it out of bra I was not aware of what those things were. I have never mentioned it to my doctor as I didn’t think it was something that was important nor did I realize that so many other women have the same issue.

    1. Yes, Carrie, it is alarming and surprising. I added all the links so that the product is identifiable with a summary. It has been a journey to really get clean. Look for a holistically-minded doctor or a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner or Nutrition Response Tester. There are several options, and these are the ones that worked for us. I wish I had not drank from plastic bottles. Fortunately, we just need a good cleanse to work this out. You can do it.

  8. Thank you for the info about bra staining. When I read “plastics and pesticides most closely mimic estrogen, and breast tissue is estrogen-receptive” I knew this was my issue. I had just this past week been told by my ND that my body was trying to get rid of pesticides, and I hadn’t mentioned the bra staining issue to her. I am going to take this article, and the replies, to her to discuss a detox plan for me. Thank you again!!! (By the way, I am 47 years old and I only just notices this issue 2-3 years ago. I also am considered to be quite healthy and “clean” with my food, body products, and cleaning products. I guess this is just the next step in the process of doing the most loving things for my body, my family, and my world.) Blessings to you Mandy!

    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it Marcy? Your ND will be able to tell you exactly what you need. Cleaning our bodies is a continual process for us all. Blessings to you too, Marcy.

  9. Hello. I have noticed the same on my bras, like small gray stains (same as above photo). I am 38 and healthy. I never brought this up to my gyno as I assumed it was normal. I breast fed my daughter for a year and she is 2.5 now. I should probably just buy new bras but I figure these stains might still appear. I am up to date on mammo but will ask my doctor at my next visit. Thanks for posting!

    1. Your welcome, Annie. Hope you clean it out too!

  10. Mandy, thank you for this post. I have had this issue on and off for so many years and never thoughta thing of it. I thought everyone had this! I only started to panic when the other day there was a tiny bit of crust on my right nipple (stain on the right was a bit darker than the one on the left). Have you experienced the crustiness at all or felt like one side was darker? Did you ever have this evaluated by a traditional medical doctor (mammogram, ultrasound, etc)? I had a mammogram and ultrasound when I was 36 (I am 39 now and my son is four). Any advice or insight would be appreciated because the women in my family that in have shared this with have never heard of such a thing.

    1. Yes, we have 2 OB/GYNs that are dear friends of our family. They both wanted a mammogram and then another mammogram because of milk secretion when my son was 2. I had not nursed for a year at this point. After the first mammogram showed no cancer, I opted out of the second and began this protocol mentioned in the article. We also stopped drinking bottled water except on rare occasion, and within a few months this issue was resolved. Many moms of kids I’ve worked with have now recovered this as well. The mammogram is to determine if there is cancer. Once that is determined, then this protocol should be a supportive, nutritional support either way. Some have the crust and some do not, it’s based on what is being secreted and if some milk is present. In my opinion, non-milk secretions seem like a really early warning sign of a potential issue. Resolving it now will hopefully mitigate dealing with more severe symptoms like cancer.

  11. I am only 19 and I think I’ve had them for 2-3 years. I don’t have kids. Should I get myself checked by a gynaecologist?

    1. Allie, You should always consult your physician. I would find a very natural one. What I found is that drinking from water bottles and living in our polluted environment, our bodies absorb petroleum among other chemicals and it is attracted to the breast tissue. As it collects in the tissue, there is an excretion occurring. Homeopaths and food supplements are tremendous supports to help your body clear these toxins.

  12. I am 66 yrs old and I noticed stains in my bra’s about 9 months ago. Everything I read is about younger women but nothing about postmenopausal women. My GP is perplexed.

    1. Hi, Lynne. I don’t think age matters. If you can incorporate the changes noted and use real food intentionally to remove the toxins it should work the same. I’d find a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in your area or a chiropractor who incorporates Nutrition Response Testing for additional support. Best wishes.

  13. Hi there,

    I have noticed this exact stain on my beige bras as well even pre pregnancy. I have had ultrasounds and they have come back okay. Wondering if you have any updates on any products or other suggestions, as. I know this post is a bit older but def helpful. I never noticed any discharge, literally only on the bra like your picture?

    1. Hi, Stephanie. Each person is different so I’ve hestitated on listing the supplements and specific foods other than what’s noted in the article. The daily green juice and chicken stock will do a lot to cleanse, then I’d visit a chiropractor or Functional Nutritional Therapist. If you are near Tampa Bay Florida, I’d love to help you at Florida’s Natural Farmacy. It takes a good couple of months to detox, but well worth it.

  14. Thanks Mandy, I am actually in Canada.
    Do you still find women come to you for this? And your protocol for each individual is helping? I have ditched the plastic water bottles since reading this but still very recent

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