Star Fruit for Star Children

Star Fruit

It’s fun coming up with fun ways to reward great attitudes and deeds. We find star fruit, and it’s the perfect opportunity to have fun, and create a simple, fast recipe.

Star Fruit


At our local Farmer’s Market, there are two booths that with Star fruit. You can buy a tree at this store online. This fruit is in Costa Rica, but I didn’t realize that it also grows in Florida! This is Carambola or Star fruit. Utilizing our local fruit is a great way for us to maximize nutrients and cost-savings.

We try to eat; local, organic, non GMO and kosher; it is respectful, but not convenient.

Despite the challenge, fun usually finds us and today it’s start fruit. Plus, this is an opportunity to encourage  and celebrate good things. The ordinary, simple gifts seems to shape the details.

Great Behavior is:

  • Completion of jurisdictions (bonus for doing it without being reminded)
  • Making peace with siblings
  • Honoring parents and elders
  • Demonstrates kindness (bonus if the other is being unkind)
  • Exhibiting excellent effort for education
  • Showing compassion

Each day wonderful acts occur and we acknowledge as many of these as possible.


First we start with the fruit:

Whole Star Fruit

Simply slice perpendicular to the ridge lines.

Break off or cut desired amount of local salad-type greens into a bowl. More beneficial greens here.

Place the Star Fruit on the top with organic berries and sprouts (sunflower sprouts are shown).

Fruit Salad

Everyone “oohs” and “aaaahs” as the salad is presented. We discuss all the “Star” behavior of the day and enjoy seeing each child beam with pride.



Star Fruit Salad


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