Stop a Fever (and more) with a Garlic Enema

As a mommy, it is horrifying when your child is sick and you do not know what to do. Whether it is a fever or constipation, it’s hard to watch my baby hurt. In the beginning, I would rush to our pediatrician for every little thing.

Get Rid of a Child’s Fever Fast:

with a garlic enema.

Garlic EnemaEven though I had some Pre-Med coursework and nutritional courses, I forgot everything when I had a baby! Gradually my first child’s health worsened as we: added each new antibiotics and vaccines. His body was too weak to take on the medications and live strains of diseases. Then I began to remember my training! I searched for more healthful healing and found the garlic enema. It became my “reliable” fever buster. It always works for my children (and quite a few other children) especially in efforts to get rid of a fever or constipation and tummy pain.

Why Garlic for a Fever?

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, anti-fugal, anti-viral, and anthelmintic (rids parasitic worms) agent that is very soothing to the gut. But it also has side effects to medications, so read the link here. Garlic is the 2nd top selling botanical product in the United States. And let me tell you…making a garlic tea and putting this wonderful herb directly into the bowels has an amazing affect on your health and especially the little ones.

Years ago, a natural-minded doctor in Colorado advised me to incorporate the enema into our regime. I am so thankful. Only my first baby had to have the “thermometer” inserted for relief from constipation. Please note that it is common for a baby to transition between the 2-6 month mark and “poo” every 3-5 days. My first baby is the only one who had to have acetaminophens. And when he was 3 years old, I was overwhelmed with 3 birth children in diapers and an impossible curriculum of nebulizer treatments. This is when I was given the garlic enema and chiropractic!


Now we have had over 10 children, and visited many mommies in their bathrooms. We have used this enema on each of our children for 10 years; starting as babies, with tremendous success! This may be beyond the scope of a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, but it is well within the scope of a Mommy and it certainly works wonders for a fast recovery.

This approach goes directly to the problem area- the bowels. Rather than treating through the mouth via oral synthetic-filled products and waiting for an hour or more, we go directly to the bowels for the fastest path to recovery. We have been able to avoid a lot of antibiotics, and OTC (Tylenol, Advil, Benedryl) by using this simple, organic herbal product. The advantage is that we are not adding the processed chemical synthetics.

When we fostered children, every single child came to us sick. We would give this enema and it helped clear up fevers, coughs, constipation, or lethargy, every single time. We even found a nasty cancer in our 2 year old shared-son by administering this enema. Even though he had been to several doctor appointments over the past 2 months! Please trust your instincts. If you have a really high fever or no bowel movements for a couple of days, it would be beneficial to seek the counsel of your health practitioner as well.

Admittedly, the first time I tried the enema I was very squeamish. Putting something into your child’s bottom is practicing a bit of “proctology”. There are not a lot of doctors in this field for a reason. (More commonly known as colorectal surgeons). It does get easier to administer and it gets easier with time. This is an unbelievable benefit for fast healing and recovery and notably Better Behavior.


  1. Stops a fever quickly.
  2. Relieves constipation and diarrhea.
  3. Boosts a sick and lethargic disposition.
  4. Hydrates when dehydrated (many times we don’t realize how dehydration affects us. Read this!)

Ingredients for Garlic Tea:

1 clove of organic garlic

2 cups of distilled water (or you could boil filtered water for 3 minutes and let it cool until warm to the touch on the inside of your wrist)

[To skip the whole blending and straining process you could simply add 2 drops of Organic Garlic Oil to 2 cups of water]


Salve, coconut oil, Shea Butter, or un-vaseline (without petroleum),



Fine strainer with a hand towel, and a

Bulb syringe,

Clean towel,


Hit the garlic clove with the back of a wooden spoon to release the oils. Peel and place the garlic in the blender with 2 cups of warm water (warm to the inside of your wrist).  Blend it well. Cover your bowl with the strainer and towel. Slowly pour out the garlic juice and pulp from the blender through the strainer and cloth. You do not want any pieces to go into the bowels.

Voila! You have a powerfully effective garlic tea.


Now, have courage! This is the part that makes the difference. Communication is critical here! If you are helping a baby, use calm tones (even though you may be sweating!). If you have a toddler, simply tell them what you are doing as you do it. Let them know it will feel a bit strange, but that it will help them feel better. Please tell them to relax as much as possible and try to “hold” it in. When they feel like poo poo is coming out, let them sit on the toilet. For a baby, just put the diaper on quickly after you have released the garlic tea into the bottom.


Have your child lay on the left side with the knees pulled up. Think anatomically “flow reverse”. We are gently squeezing garlic tea into the bowels through the anus and moving backwards through the; sigmoid, descending colon, transverse colon, and ascending colon.

Now it is best to lie on the left side. This allows the liquid garlic tea to fill, cleanse and move back through the bowels.


Put the 2 cups of warm “room temperature warm”garlic tea in a bowl. Take a bulb and vacuum up until the bulb is completely filled. Hold syringe with bulb in your hand and gently squeeze until liquid comes out, but hold your squeeze on the bulb. Return to garlic tea and release your squeeze in order to vacuum up garlic tea liquid and eliminate any air. Ensuring only liquid will prevent air bubbles from entering -which creates even more discomfort.


Place the salve of choice onto the tip of the bulb and gently insert the tip of the bulb into the rectum about 1/2 inch. Squeeze into the bowels without releasing the bulb. Be sure to squeeze as you pull the bulb out to reduce any suctioning from the child’s bowels, which would contaminate the interior of the bulb.

Cover with a towel for a toddler until the child is ready to go potty. When you have a baby, simply put the diaper on quickly and wait 5-10 minutes. If nothing happens, your child is dehydrated so repeat.

You may roll the child from the left side

Garlic Enema from left

and gently to the right side. This will assist the garlic tea through the bowels by turning.


When there is a fever, you will notice the “break” in fever as the sweat beads acquire on the upper lip during transit. Usually, children want to take a nap afterward as the relief removes the body stress.

Actually, this process also works well for adults using this for a self-induced enema.

After transit, it is a great practice to deposit some healthy flora (probiotic) into the gut via a supplant. We will post that process soon. Here.

May this be as successful for you as it is for us.



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74 thoughts on “Stop a Fever (and more) with a Garlic Enema

  1. Thank you so much for this information! I would love to know more about quantities of water, such as I have a 13 month old and a 3 1/2 year old, would I use the same amount for both? Also, is this a good enema for constipation, or plain water? How often can you use it for constipation or immune health, without adverse reactions? Thanks so much!! Found you on pinterest, looking forward to exploring your blog much more now!

    1. Julia, these are great questions. With my babies, I would fill the syringe shown in the photo (about 1/2 cup). I would put the diaper on quick. If no poop within 5-10 minutes, I would do it again until a bowel movement. With my 3-4 year olds, I did the same. When my children get around 6-7, I use 3/4-1 cup and wait. When I see the fever break, I stop. Sometimes, they have a BM and the fever persists, so I repeat.
      I always use distilled water because there are no minerals, it’s just “empty” water. And from what we have experienced, organic garlic has no side effects, so there is no adverse reactions. This is not a synthetic, so it absolutely helps with constipation and immune health. Very rarely, but we have had a handful of times where the fever would return hours later and we would repeat. This is what we did. You’ll know your babies and be perfect! My children haven’t taken synthetic medicines for constipation or fever (except maybe once when traveling).

  2. This is great information! Are the water and garlic amounts the same for adults? Is it ok to do a quart enema with garlic? If so how much garlic? Would it be wise to follow up with a second enema with a probiotic?

  3. Great information! Is it ok to do a quart size enema with garlic for an adult? If so, how much garlic? Is a second enema with a probiotic needed afterwards?

    1. Trina, thanks. You’ll know by what you can tolerate. 2-3 cups is good for adults, so two batches of the garlic tea would be more than enough. Because this enema is organic garlic tea, we have not followed up with probiotic but it certainly could be beneficial.

  4. Hi, I just finished my second enema on my two year old & he hasn’t gone yet. He has had a fever since last evening & isn’t eating & is drinking sips of water but not a lot. Is it ok to try again a third time or is that too much? My bulb syringe is smaller than yours I think. It’s a small light blue one. Thank you for the great info!

    1. Heidi, you must trust your instincts here. If he has a high fever 102+ and it hasn’t broke, I would visit my holistic physician. This has happened very few times when a child was really, really dehydrated. We would go through the 2 cups, then make another batch. We fortunately haven’t had to go through more than 2 batches (4 cups) under age 4, before the fever would break. And the fever would break within a few hours of our first enema. We did have a fever return 6 hours later (or next day) after it had broke. We just repeated. Trust your mommy instincts here. Beyond that we would’ve talked to our holistic physician.

    2. Heidi, the small light blue bulb syringe is from the hospital? The nasal one they gave you?
      I use a child’s enema bulb. I think the one I use holds either 4 or 6 oz of water.

    3. Heidi, it may be because the blue bulb you are using is too small and does not give enough water for the enemas. Or, like Mandy wrote, he may be dehydrated and absorbed the water.
      Not being a doctor I cannot tell you what to do. I can only relate what I have done and experienced with mine when giving an enema.
      How long did you wait between the enemas?
      He expelled no water or stool after the enemas?
      Do you know how much water you gave for each enema?
      You could place the water into a bowl or glass and then you know exactly how much water you have given for each enema.
      If you are using the small blue nasal one you got to take home from the hospital, that one is too small. I think the blue nasal one from the hospital holds only 1 oz. And should not be used to give an enema if you are using it for nasal clearing too.
      Hope this helps you.
      Blessings, Carol S.
      I have a nasal bulb and a enema bulb. If you are using the blue one for nasal cleaning then best not to also use it for his enemas.
      I use a 4 oz Cara enema bulb syringe. Since mine are getting older, I will soon start using a 8 oz bulb.

  5. Thank you so much for this!
    Is it ok if I juice the garlic and add it to the warm water?
    Also, can I make a pro biotic enema afterwards?

    Thanks again!

    1. I would think so, Vero. We’ve always blended together. We just make sure there is no pulp in there. Probiotic after is a great idea, we do this too. Just keep everything separate and clean.

  6. Thank you! Unfortunately my toddler wont let me do the enema thing 🙁

    1. That’s unfortunate, Vero. So sorry. I guess I was fortunate to choose this method via a Medical Doctor in Colorado when my children started out (ages 3,2, and 1). It’s amazing that this practice has been administered for thousands of years when Tylenol and OTC drugs were not available. As a child, I remember seeing the enema bags of my great grandparents.

      1. You were fortunate to have that doctor. Very fortunate! I am surprised MDs today even suggest an enema be given. Especially a garlic enema. You were lucky you had that doctor to send you in the right direction.

        When you gave the first enemas to yours (at 3, 2 and 1) was there fighting? How did you over come any fears of their first enemas?

        I am glad I found your web site. You provide much needed information to moms today.

        As a child I also remember seeing the enema bag or bulb out at our house, my aunt’s house and my grandparents house.
        There was a reason they were there and out. It is because of the healing benefits of an enema.
        We have gotten away from the old natural home remedies. Moms need to learn from Mandy.
        I got many enemas at home. I did not know why but now I do.

        It took me years to learn this. I only wish I had found this web site sooner.

        After much reading, talking with other moms, going to local health food store talking with the mom who works there and self learning, I am now a believer in natural healing and an enema.

        I would not give a enema for years. I thought other moms were weird and dumb for giving their kids enemas and herbal remedies. Little did I know and realize they were right. I was the one who needed to learn.

        Now I give a enema when one is needed to my kids. I can actually see the difference an enema makes for fevers, colds, constipation.

        I hope other moms read and learn from here.

        Vero, take your time. Talk and explain. You may have to just give him an enema no matter what. The child should not talk you out of it. As another mom on here recommended ask another mom to help you give it if he will not take the enema.
        I can tell you the first or second enema may be resistance and fighting. Follow up enemas are much easier to give.
        Tell him it will help him and is good for him to feel better. Did you attempt to give the enema or just told him?
        You may have to put him over your knees for the enema. So you can control him better.
        One of mine fought and threw a fit when he knew was going to be given an enema. But after a few times he no longer does that. He still will tell me he does not need one. But I am the mom and I decide. The other ones took the first enema without fighting.

        Always check with your pedi/doctor or nurse before giving a enema. Not a doctor here so I cannot tell you what to do or not to do.

    2. Vero, did you talk and explain the enema to him? How old is he?
      You are the mom. You decide if he needs an enema or not. The child does not tell you.

      As Mandy states, have courage! If you are nervous and fearful of giving the enema, this will upset him.

      I am not a doctor and can only tell you what has worked for me and my beliefs about a garlic enema.

      I have given mine garlic enemas. To me garlic is God’s gift and a great natural healer. The enema has brought the fever down and helped with constipation. To me far better than giving pills and chemical laxatives.

      Talking beforehand is the key to giving the enema without him resisting it and fighting it.
      As Mandy pointed out, use calm tones when talking and explaining. Explain why an enema is needed, what you will use and how you will give it and it will make them feel better when done.
      Talk to him when giving the enema and tell hm to relax when getting the enema. I tell mine, it will feel different and strange to them but will not hurt.
      I tell mine to take deep breaths in and out of open mouth when getting the enema. I learned that from another mom. Breathing in and out of open mouth helps him relax.

      If you feel you cannot get him to cooperate during the enema and he will be resisting the enema, then consider having another mom assist you when you give it. After you have given him the first enema, the next enema will be much easier to give and you may not need the other mom to assist you.

      Mandy has great information above. Mine get an enema across the lap on a towel face down. I can control him this way by placing my other hand on the small of his back while he is getting the enema. I will try Mandy’s way for the next enema.

  7. Vero, you must have a very smart toddler. Smarter than a lot of the grownups around here, who fall for every bit of quack BS that comes down the road.

    Since my comments are being censored, it’s clear they’re being read by the person who runs this board, for whom I have one question: Does it ever occur to you that the reason the kiddies stop complaining after they’ve had a few doses of garlic tea squirted up their bum, might be because the experience is so bloody unpleasant that they’ll do anything to avoid a repeat performance? How do you manage to fall for all of this quackery anyway? OK, that’s two questions, be glad I didn’t ask three.

    1. Mr. Frogwell, I am a mom and NTP, not a doctor. However it might do you good to try an enema. It might help you relax a little and be a more pleasant person. Or keep using your Tylenol. It’s a free world. We choose natural and allopathic methods. Just be careful; Tylenol just pleaded guilty to a little quackery…you might want to read this.

      1. Mandy, you are so right! You never know what is going on with large drug companies and their ways.
        Thank you for posting that about Tylenol. omg !
        I also am not a doctor. I can only say what I have tried myself.
        But herbs, natural healing and enemas were used long before today’s drugs were here.
        Herbal remedies, natural healing and enemas are finding more followers every day. Why? cause moms can see the benefits of going herbal, natural and giving an enema.
        Mandy explains this above much better than I ever could.
        Thank you Mandy.

  8. Mandy, wonderful page. So glad you posted information about a garlic enema.

    The enema bulb in the picture looks for a toddler or small child. How much does it hold?

    I use a Cara enema bulb syringe. Believe it holds either 4 or 6 oz of fluid and looks to be larger than the one in your picture.

    Besides a garlic enema, I have also given a catnip tea enema for fevers. You can find the catnip tea enema in book Prescription For Nutritional Healing.

    Sad that Mr Frogwell thinks giving a garlic enema is “BS… quackery”

    Garlic is a wonderful natural healer used for years and years.

    If you read in Prescription For Nutritional Healing it does say that sometimes there will be no return of water after an enema has been given. This is because the body has absorbed the fluid. And/or that the hard fecal matter has absorbed the fluid.
    Wait and repeat the procedure again.

    1. Thank you, Carol. It holds around 4 oz. The smaller amounts made me more comfortable to allow an assessment before adding more. Catnip tea is a great idea! Thank you for the book recommendation. Every mom should have a small library of resources.

      1. Mandy, good idea about giving smaller amounts to allow for an assessment before giving more.

        Here is a idea for you and other moms:
        When I know one of mine needs an enema, I prepare where the enema will be given…either on the bed or on the table..and prepare the one who will get the enema. Then, I fill a clear measuring cup with the amount of enema solution to be given. I fill the cup to a certain oz level…the amount I know that will be given. I take the cup and bulb to where the enema is going to be given. Then I fill the bulb from the cup. That way I can see how much water I have given for the enema. and how much more needs to be given. Of course the measuring cup is only used for enemas.
        There are many ways to measure the amount to give or given. Mandy above says using a bowl for the water. That is ok too. I use the measuring cup. Another mom taught me that.
        Mandy, your idea of giving one 4 oz bulb and assessing is good too.
        How long do you wait to assess?
        Always clean the cup and enema bulb after each time one is given. Let the bulb air dry for a long time. Never put it up wet.

        Another helpful tip I learned from another mom is to make the water a little warmer than what will be given. That way by the time I have him ready and taken the cup and bulb to where the enema will be given, the water has cooled to right temp. Always check temp before giving the enema.
        Yes, the catnip tea enema is great and works!
        Besides Prescription For Nutritional Healing book another book is Back To Eden. All moms should have these in the home.

        Mandy and her web page is a God send.

      2. Mandy, I am glad you are open to tips and want to also learn more.

        I am glad you stated “It does get easier to administer and it gets easier with time. And, this is an unbelievable benefit for fast healing and recovery.” I could not agree more. I hope more moms discover your page and learn.

        I am surprised a mom has not asked the question “when is the best time of the day to give an enema?”

        Mandy, to help other moms on here, what time do you feel is best time of the day to give an enema?

        For me, the best time in my home is mid morning. After everyone is out of the house and gone to school, the babysitter or with the mom next door.

        Each mom will have to determine the best time. Mid morning is only a recommendation.

        When everyone is gone for the day there are no interruptions when I am preparing and giving the enema. Besides talking about the enema to relax him, having everyone gone also relaxes him.

        While there is no shame about enemas, or need to be embarrassed about one, the child will feel better knowing no one is there and there will be no interruptions when he is getting an enema.

        Once the others are out of the house, I then tell the one who needs an enema they are going to get one. If he is in bed, I sit on the bed and talk with him. If not in bed, I tell him that he is going to be given an enema in a few minutes and not to go outside playing. If his friends are over playing I tell them they have to go home. If I see or talk with their moms later I tell her why I sent them home. Because I had to give an enema to him. A few moms I know also give enemas so they know why their child was sent home.

        But, sometimes I do not have the opportunity when everyone is gone for the day. Like when giving a late night enema for fever or when he needs an enema few times during the day.

        I hope other moms on here learn from you Mandy and from any tips I can relate and leave here.

  9. Mandy, the more I read on your page the more I love it. Wonderful things you have done to help.

    Now, how can I help?

    Carol S.

  10. Feedback is great for learning. Come back. Give us your ideas and tips.

    I have the same enema bulb! The green one in picture above. I was surprised to see it on here.

    The link will show the blue bulb. It is too small. When you click on the link it will show the blue one it also shows the green one. Buy the green one. Or go to your local drug store and buy a enema bulb syringe.

    The green one holds more water than the blue one.

    Garlic enema is the best remedy!!! It has been given for years. Long before today’s Tylenol, laxatives, and Fleet enemas — read about the dangers of giving a Fleet enema. A natural remedy. Read what Mandy says.

    Just my own opinions and input. Consult with a health care professional.

  11. Our daughter (2 years old)is infected without a parasite, dientamoeba fragilis.
    I want to try a garlic enema because our doctor don’t want to treat her. In the netherlands they are very reluctant with treatment for this. But she has a lot of abdominal pain. I have read that fresh garlic can give a burn sensation, that you can better choose for garlic capsules?
    And what do you know about coffee enema’s for childeren? Is it also an option to get rid of parasites? is it safe for childeren?
    Thank you for your information.

    1. Cindy, I will offer what we do. I do hope your baby girl gets better quick. We have used organic garlic and blended and strained. My children have never complained of a burning, just the discomfort of the water “tea” which we affirmed would happen. If you have a good, organic (non chemical sprayed) garlic option then I’d try the capsule, but I’d put in warm water and make a tea, then strain to make sure there are no pieces. I haven’t gotten comfortable with coffee enema with young children unless they have cancer. See if you can find a holistic doctor. Get some lemon oil (which I keep in my home) and wipe your floors, counters, and soak vegetables with a few drops. This will keep everything clean. Also, make some broth and find some organic beef/chicken bones and after 6 hours let her eat the marrow. This will clean it out quickly. I’m attaching some articles I wrote that will hopefully help you. You can do this, because no one loves your baby more than you! article I wrote for a friend Blessings.

  12. mandy, you give the garlic enemas with the take a part green bulb? It seems to be very small.

    Did you ever use the orange bulb syringe you have on Populate The Gut article?

  13. mandy, thanks for the link to natural deworming the gut safely. Great article!

  14. My stepson, 14, brought this site to his moms attention,asking if he and his 11 yo cousin could try this. He’s had colonic issues for years.

    His mom deferred to me because she used to have me give him quite frequent enemas for constipation,though not for years.

    I told him he was probably able to do it alone but he didn’t want to. He said it was hard to do.

    What I want to know is, will these help a kid his age
    Should I give them or find a caregiver. I’m very experienced with enemas, I formerly suffered from chronic constipation, and now have MS, so they’re part of my life.

    I also recall getting highly embarrassed a few times as a teen when I got exited during an enema, and it was noticed. Once with my mom at 12, twice with my father at 14 (I wanted to do them alone but when they were prescribed, parents had to do it.

    The next time they were ordered I requested a home aid but was sent to a nursing home because of insurance. In the clinical setting I wasn’t embarrassed

    Ive also given plenty to the boys, twice to my wife, and often with a friend years ago.

    1. As you get older there are some better options to be able to do this yourself. This is a recent find that works for the young adults and adults.

  15. Mandy love this blog. So glad you posted it. So glad you are telling moms about enemas!

    You asked for success giving enemas and tips giving enemas.

    Great success achieved giving enemas to mine! So glad I learned of them!

    How did I learn of this wonderful remedy?
    When visiting a friend she had to give one of her kids an enema. He had a fever and was constipated. Poor baby was not feeling well. She told him he was going to get an enema.

    He was given two enema “sessions” by her while I was there.

    She gave the enemas across her lap on a towel.

    It was the first I learned of enemas and glad I did from her!

    At first I felt sorry for him having to get an enema. But i learned from her they were soothing, relaxing and did not hurt getting an enema. She told me they reduce fevers, eliminate constipation and even help with bad behavior.

    I was surprised how the enemas made him feel better and back to being a energetic again. She told me all of hers gets an enema when needed.

    thanks to her telling and teaching me about enemas, I give mine enemas. mine are much healthier now. I have given many enemas to mine since learning of such a wonderful, simple, and effective remedy! I was very nervous the first ever I gave. As you told, the next enema was easier to give.

    Tips: have the one getting the enema breathe in and out of open mouth when getting an enema and relax! I find giving an enema on a table on a towel on back is a good way to give one. Holding legs up. Your way is great too. I used to give with the bulb you use. I now give with a larger bulb syringe.

    I tell the one before hand he is going to get an enema. This makes giving the enema easier. As you stated, have him relax when getting the enema.

    If no BM Or reduce of fever another enema is given.

    I am a believer in enemas now. I have, like you, told and taught other moms why and how to give an enema.

    The more moms I can tell of this wonderful remedy, the better for health!

    Mine complain when told going to get an enema. I remind them it is good for them and will make them feel better. Better than harsh laxatives.

    Best to advise to consult with dr before giving enemas.

    1. Wow! That is wonderful Debbie! Thanks for sharing your success too.

  16. Great that you shared this wonderful home remedy (the garlic enema) Mandy. Also great that others have taken their time to tell of success and given tips. I read all of the comments. Great helping other moms.

    Do you continue to give garlic enemas as a home remedy Mandy?

    Success has been nothing but good in our home using enemas.

    Especially garlic enemas for fevers in our home. Brought down many late night fevers by giving him a garlic enena in bed. A few times I had to give him a second garlic enema the same night.

    Agree with what you told of avoiding Mandy. OTC, doctor visits, and such.

    The enemas always brought the fever down. Always made him feel better after getting an enema.

    I will think of some tips that may be helpful and post them later.

    Best to always say to check with your medical provider before giving any home remedy.

  17. OMG this is a wonderful page. Great articles on here. Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie, like you I also learned about enemas as a home remedy from another mom.

    I am sure my three are not happy about that! LOL joking.

    Actually, they take an enema very well. They are not hard to give and are very helpful for fevers, constipation, or if a cleanse is needed.

    I have given enemas, the garlic one, for fevers. Plain warm water or mild soapy solution enema for constipation.

    All moms should have a enema bulb or bag in the home.

    I am happy this is being discussed and other moms can learn from you Mandy. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Karen. So many wonderful ways to boost immunity that are easy and natural.

  18. Very sad reading the negative comments by Mr Frogwell above.

    Very good reply you gave Mandy!

    All of mine get enemas. I feel better to give an enema than harsh meds or laxatives.

    The enema cleanses. Soothes and relaxes.

    I do not like the take apart bulb Mandy uses. I have a one piece enema bulb. Works great.

  19. Mandy thank you so much for this article about garlic enemas.

    I learned of the garlic enema recently. I haven’t given one yet. But will when one of the grand boys gets another fever. One of them seems to have more fevers than normal. So he especially will get a garlic enema!

    Especially after reading your article on this enema they will get a garlic enema or enemas.

    Since one does not plan a fever, the garlic should already be on hand in the house.

    How long does the garlic that you use stay fresh and strong enough for the enemas? When cooking I buy garlic and immediately use it. For the enemas would need it already in the house.

    If haven’t used the garlic in a week or so go out and buy more to keep it fresh?

    I definitely want to give this enema for next fever. If don’t have any garlic on hand in the middle of the night, it would be difficult to find it late at night.

    I am going to suggest this remedy to a mom I know. Her toddler gets fevers off and on. She gives, ughh, OTC remedies.

    Trying to convert her to a natural holistic mom.

    Since I may be giving more than one enema if the fever does not break with his first enema, how much garlic water should I prepare?

    Can I make the solution and store some for the next enema if the fever does not break? Keep it in the fridge and reheat it for the next enema? Or make fresh batch for each enema?

    Growing up I never heard of a garlic enema. Don’t remember it mentioned in the home nursing books either or being given. I am sure as a teen, for my brothers and cousin, I would have remembered the garlic being prepared in the house for an enema.

    Wish I had known of this enema when mine were younger.

    I do remember my youngest brother getting a cool water to Luke warm enema for his fevers. Also given Luke warm baths before or after his enemas.

    Since I am much older than him, by 6 years, i remember this treatment for him very well.

    I remember when He was about 5 or 6. His fever seemed to spike or start late at night. Poor boy was given late night enemas, or enemas, and or baths late at night from my mom or aunt.

    I remember my mom or aunt giving him a enema on his bed at night. Think he got enemas for fevers until he was about 10 years old or older. I was a teen by then so remember his treatments very well.

    Enemas were the treatment I read in the nursing books. As a teen I was interested in home nursing remedies. And I found enemas discussed and recommended in the books interesting for toddlers and older children. Especially since I knew my younger brothers and cousin were given enemas often. Them getting enemas made me very interested in the remedy they got. A enema.

    So glad you posted the article.

    Hope many moms read on here and give this remedy a try.

    1. Sue C., Thank you for the feedback. I intentionally have a bin with garlic and onions where there is always at least one. Occasionally, I have had to go buy an organic garlic but if it is firm, I’ve used it. Roots are pretty good in the right storage for a few weeks.
      Four cups is probably the largest amount brewed at a time and 2 hours is the oldest batch I have used. Surely, a little storage would be useful for those stubborn fevers that require evening and morning enemas. It’s not a bad idea to keep the tea, but it would not be as fresh and maybe not as effective if more than a couple days old??? Blessings.

  20. Mandy, have you seen her recommendations for bringing a fever down? See at this page:

    She suggests these as fever reducers:
    Method 1. Rubdown
    Method 2. Wet Socks
    Method 3. Ice
    Method 4. Cool Enema
    Method 5. Natural Antipyretics

    I have given the rub down and the cool water enema she lists.
    Also recently did your garlic enema.

    What do you think of other remedies to bring a fever down?
    Did you ever try these?

    1. Yes, I have tried a lot. The garlic enema seems to work the best for the kids I work with so that is my go to.? All of these are good, especially when your baby gets relief in a natural immune-building way.❤

  21. about the other fever remedy page. Link to it on above post.

    Where can I find a enema bulb like the one she has pictured on her page?

    I looked at the one you use Mandy.

    Appears to be too small. And would leak having a seam around it since it comes apart?

    1. There are several linked in the comments. The larger one I have is on now sold on eBay in medical syringe. The smaller blue on doesn’t leak, I just prefer the single larger one as well. Some people like the blue better because it’s a visually assuring a good clean bulb.❤

      1. Mandy, I looked at medical syringes enema on eBay.
        Many sizes and types.
        Which one do you use or recommend off of eBay?

        I would prefer to get a 6 oz or 8 oz one piece enema bulb syringe.

        For giving enemas to 3 yo and 6 yo.

        1. Mandy, there is so much shown on the medical syringe enema on eBay.

          Kinda of hard to select.

          What one did you buy?

  22. Mandy this page may help moms who want to give enemas but need to have him relax during the enena. Even before it is given! Makes the enema easier.

    I hope I copied that right. Will check the page and update it if needed.

    There are good ideas for getting the child to relax for the enema on that page.

    Some I like.

    I think you told you give a 3 or 4 oz enema. And gave a second bulb if needed.

    Since you give small enemas Mandy you may not have came across the problem of him relaxing before and during the enema.

    Most of the time the full 8 oz enema bulb is given.
    Sometimes the bulb is refilled for a second enema. Having him relax is important

    when my mom gave enemas we were told to breathe in and out of open mouth when getting a enema. This was in the 50s

    I told mine the same when I gave them enemas. And now I tell the grand kids to do the same when I give a enema.

    I find rewards work. Or letting him watch favorite show when getting a enema.

    Do you use any ways to have the child relax?

    Reading your blog , you have given many enemas

    By the way, we still do not see the donation button. ?????

  23. Mandy, two things,,,,,,

    1. Where is the donation button? And,
    2. Why would anyone post anything negative on this wonderful page? Speaking of Mr frogwell

    1. Thank you, Vicky. As I help kids, I hope to share our successes with everyone interested in a natural approach to strong immune systems. People amaze me and I’ll never understand the need to tear down another person. The Donate button is the little blue button on the right side of the website for “donate gardens and real food to foster kids” below, “Meet Mandy” and above the “Join and Subscribe”.

      1. Mandy, I found the one piece red rubber bulb syringe on e bay.

        Hope this link works:

        It says for ear wash. The 120 ml bulb looks big enough to give a enema with it.
        That is about 4 oz or so.
        I would prefer a little larger bulb.

        What do you think about buying from e bay?

  24. Absolutely a wonderful, informative, page.
    A procedure every mom should learn to administer.
    So glad you took the time to tell of the garlic enema.
    I have a larger one piece enema bulb syringe for giving enemas in my home.
    Every mother should have a enema syringe in the home.

  25. Mandy
    Thanks for this wonderful healing page.
    God blesses you for all the help and healing you have given to others.

  26. Love your pages Mandy! Referred many to your pages. And many moms are now giving the enema! Great!!

    This is not medical advice. Or what one should do, or not do. Commenting on Mandy’s page only and what I have done.
    Talk to your doctor before giving a enema.

    I know my health and the health of my three and others has improved since the enema was given! It is amazing!!

    I have also visited many homes to tell , teach and give the enema in other homes!

    As you told in others bathrooms. And also in the child’s bedroom, the kitchen table, sofa, changing table and other places. As long as the mother and child are comfortable the enema can be given in many places in the home.

    Also told and taught the enema in my home to many over the years!

    The moms (and even I after giving enemas to my three children, children of friends, friends and friends of friends) are always amazed how effective the enema is for the child. As you told, giving a enema is good for fevers, constipation, tummy aches, helping recovery from a ill such as a cold, and even to cleanse harmful toxins out thus helping with the “bad gut” syndrome in the child. I have seen giving enemas to the child, mostly the toddler to about 6 yo, will help resolve bad behavior, moody, sluggish child and more. Everyone should read your article about “is it bad behavior “ ?? About bad gut sydrome.

    Recently a visiting mom staying with me told me her older boy was constipated and had horrible behavior now. I suggested he be given a enema. Even a series of enemas would be good for him.
    She was surprised to learn such a simple home remedy would immediately help him. And no more horrible OTC stuff!

    After she called her naturopathic doctor and was told the enema was ok for him, he got a mild warm soapy enema. Followed by a plain warm water enema. He immediately was better! And looked amazingly better as well. aFor his enemas a unused new enema bulb syringe was used. I gave it to her after his first ever enema.
    The next day he was given another enema.

    I am sure he was not overly happy knowing was going to get a enema while visiting my home. But later on in life he will know the benefits of the enema!

    I now use what you told for the enema nozzle lubricant: in-Vaseline. Glad you gave a link for it.
    A excellent product!

    Your bulb syringe link does not work.

    To help your readers- followers- Here is a enema bulb link I found and like.
    I found many good enema bulb syringes on Can have items delivered to US!

    The enema bulb I prefer, and suggest other moms buy to give the home enema is the no. 7, 235 ml enema bulb syringe. 735 ml is close to 8 oz. I will double check that. And post later. But sure the 235 ml one is close to 8 oz.

    Made of natural rubber. Without chemical processes. Very soft rubber. Easy to squeeze!

    Brand: JONPLAST
    B 016MP4 NBS

    Easy to administer a enema with it. I use it on my three children and others.
    Soft rubber.

    I also have a smaller enema bulb and the red rubber enema bag one in my home.
    And they are used often!

    For the bulb syringe i fill the bulb full to remove any air. For the smaller child I only squeeze the bulb enough to give the desired amount for the enema.
    About half of the syringe is given to the smaller child. Or use the 4 oz syringe instead. After the enema for the smaller child I squeeze the unused solution out of the syringe when cleaning it in the sink after the enema session.

    I squeeze the full bulb larger bulb till empty for the older child. I have even refilled the bulb with one hand. Keeping my free hand on the child. Refilled the syringe from the bowl of solution. Once the bulb enema is given, keep the bulb squeezed in. Do not release grip on the bulb until the nozzle is out. You do not want to draw water back into the bulb!

    They come in various sizes 4,6,8,12 oz sizes. You may have to convert ml to oz to know the size you want. So far this is one of the best places to buy quality enema bulbs at.

    Cleaning the syringe is easy. It must be cleaned well after every enema session! And aired out for a few days after the enema is given.

    A few visiting moms have seen the enema airing out in my bathroom. It gives me a great opportunity to tell of the benefits of a enema to them when they ask about the enema. How to prepare the child, administer the enema and clean it. The more I can introduce the enema to others, the better for their and the child ‘s health!

    Many of them later told they now give and get home enemas and seen a remarkable health improvement in their children and themselves!

    I find it very rewarding to see the child’s health almost immediately improve after getting a enema! Amazing!!

    Can find cleaning instructions at

    Should bring up “cleaning the enema bulb.”

  27. very good information.
    It is too bad that some think the enema is a horrible thing to give. Actually it is one of the best home remedies to administer to the child.
    Every mom should learn how to prepare and administer a enema.
    Have a enema bulb and a enema bag already in the house. Don’t wait until one gets sick and then decide to run out and find a enema bulb or bag.
    Recently one of my new neighbors youngest b 6 yo had a fever. He was not feeling well. Tummy ache some and had not gone for two days.
    I told her he would feel better after getting a enema. To check with her doctor first to see if she agreed. She called the doctor (naturopathic) and was told was ok to administer a enema or enemas to him.
    omg he was feeling better after the first enema!

  28. Mandy for a long time when making a comment on here it was not posted.
    Hope was not because of any trouble makers.
    Such as Mr Forest Frogwell (March 2015). Who posted a rather dumb and rude comment.

    I was surprised when my comment above got posted the other day.

    I don’t know if you can answer this question.
    When I need to give a series of garlic enemas a few days in a row. Can I prepare a large amount of the garlic tea and what was not used for the enema that day put in a half gallon or gallon container and store in the fridge?
    That way the next day when giving the second enema I don’t have to make a new batch of the garlic tea.
    Just take pour what I need. Heat it. And administer the enema.
    So, wondering if it is ok to make a larger volume of the garlic tea and keep some in the fridge?

    1. Hi, Joan. I don’t see the comments very often with all the work we do with kids and our construction work at 🙂
      I would think that it would be Okay to make a batch and keep it for no more than 3-4 days so it doesn’t go sour.

  29. My one year old hasn’t pooped for a week & a half. I increased our nursing sessions and added prunes and prune juice to her diet as well as dark green smoothies and still nothing! She would grunt but nothing would come out. My gut told me that whatever, she needed to poop TODAY! so I found this article and tried it. Within 10 minutes she had a full diaper and was running around playing and back to her energetic self. when I changed her diaper There was a clay like poop the size of a deck of cards in her diaper. I am so grateful for this and will incorporate it into our healthcare toolbox. Thank you!!!

  30. Hen, so wonderful you found Mandy’s blog.
    Read her other blogs.

    Omg didn’t go for over a week and half!

    Tell other moms if this home remedy.

    Keep the enema in your home health toolbox for many years to come.

  31. What probiotic blends do you use after enema? Any recipes? And do you also give it in Enema form Or are you talking about oral probiotics?

    1. Hi, Areli. I like to change probiotics a lot, so that our bodies don’t get use to it. Eating sauerkraut, drinking kombucha, and I’ve linked several capsules. The capsules are the ones we sometimes supplant if necessary. You can visit a holistic chiropractor or doctor if you aren’t sure. It seems to be a lost practice today, but there are still many who utilize this.

  32. Love your blogs Mandy.
    Thank you for taking the time to write them. Many can learn so much from you.

    Hen, wonderful that you learned of the garlic enema and have given it. Yes keep it in your home health care tool box.

    Tell other moms about Mandy’s blogs and the enema. Glad it helped and made things better.

    Read Mandy’s other blogs. She has one on Repopulate the Gut and one on Behavior.
    As well as all of her other blogs and information.

    I am sure other moms read on here but don’t comment. Wish they would leave a comment.
    As long as they read and learn that is the important thing.

    I just found out my new neighbor reads on here! That is the first time ever I have met someone who knows of this blog. Besides the ones I have told.
    I was surprised the other morning when I was at her place and saw the enema bulb airing out. She told me she gives enemas to her two. Was surprised when she told me she reads on here.

    Will write more when have more time. For now,


    Wondering if my comment went out or not???

    1. Thank you, Gail, for sharing your success. Yes, your comments are duplicating a lot and spam prevention is catching and deleting them. I found this one, and yes, Prayer is always welcome! 🙂

      1. Thanks Mandy.
        Sorry about the duplicating comments.

        You wrote “….deleting them. I found this one, and yes, Prayer is always welcome! 🙂…”

        Which one are you referring to? Did you send a link to one?

        Will write more later.

        1. duhhh dumb me. I think you are talking about “this one” as the enema bulb you show in the picture.
          The green take apart bulb.
          Slap me

  33. I want to buy her book The Mother And Her Child by Lena Sandler.

    Along with Prescription For Nutritional Healing will make a great home library to look up natural home remedies that can be given to the child. In lieu of horrible OTC stuff.

    Her book seems to be recent. But has remedies and wording from a older book my mom had and I read many times.

    I don’t know if she wrote the book or if it is a republish of a older book. I will find out and put cement on here about that.

    The home remedies for the child she talks about in the book, such as mustard, oil, wrapping the child in blanket, enemas, the sick room, the sick child, taking temperature and more sounds like the same old remedies I read in an older book years ago.

    Those are the same natural home remedies my mom, aunt and neighbor mom gave. I remember my mom getting out the same book and looking up what remedies – treatments would be good for the sick child. Whether he had a fever, was constipated, cold, or had behavior problems with the other kids, they would look up what was good for him.

    Surprisingly, she did not mention the garlic enema for a fever. It may be mentioned in the book. But can only read so much for the “look” on line way.

    She says to give the child with a fever plenty to drink. Keep hydrated and rested. Also, the fever may be caused by digestive issues, constipation, a ill, or other things.

    She tells to give the child plenty of water when he has a fever. Give castor oil. Give him a cleansing enema first thing. And later, if needed, a cool to body temp water enema.

    This is exactly what my mom, the neighbor mom and my aunt did. I knew as soon as they were referring to the book the sick one would one given an enema.

    Then I did not understand the importance of the enema when he was sick. Now I do. It is very important.

    Hope Mr Frogwell is reading this. The child accepts getting an enema because he knows it makes him feel better and does not hurt.
    NOT because he wants to avoid future enemas given by the mom.
    His first every enema may cause him to not want the enema and fuss about it.

    The mother should talk, as Mandy also tells, with the one who will get and getting the enema. It makes the first ever enema easier to administer.

  34. Yeah! Found it! Love it!

    The book, The Mother and Her Child by Lena Sadler, can now be obtained for free at:

    Great that project has this book for free.
    Can down load as e-book for free.

    Lena was very smart. Thanks for her writing this wonderful book. It was written many years ago.

    Do hope other mothers can use the information in this wonderful book.

  35. Mandy , oh no. Sorry.
    I see two of my comments about Lena Sandler’s book “The Mother and Child,” circa 1916!!, did not go through and post.

    Her book is wonderful. Love it. I am sure my mom had the same book. Don’t know where she got it from.
    First published in 1916 . So hers may have been a later reprint.
    It can now be down loaded for free!

    Hope did not talk too much. Or post too much.
    I had link to the book and a enema bulb syringe.
    So possibly putting a link in the comment stopped it?

    Many Blessings

  36. Mandy — on stay at home here. Besides taking care of kids and the house, doing lots of reading about natural healing, home remedies, herbs and more. And, yes learning more about the home enema. I am a believer like you that the giving the home enema can be so beneficial for the child. Such a very good thing to have in the home. No OTC stuff needed!

    Hope you are well and these horrible days soon pass. God will look out for us.

    I love the book Mother and Her Child. So many old home remedies listed in it! I cant talk enough about it. Too bad home nursing books are not like it these days.

    (((( It is ok to copy from the book. The Gutenberg press says can copy, quote etc without prior permission or paying.))))

    I have read the book Mother And Her Child. Link to freecopy above. Love it that can read, copy or quote from the book on there.

    Lena has some very good old remedies for fevers and constipation in the child. Some I have heard of about before others are new to me. You may be interested, when you have time, reading the old home remedies she has listed in the book.
    Back in those days when she wrote the book there was no big push on for OTC stuff or running to the doctor and pill pushing.

    I am surprised that she did not mention giving a garlicenema for reducing the fever in a child. I wonder when giving the garlic enema for fever reduction came about??
    Do you know when the garlic enema was first found out to be a fever reducer??

    She writes about baths, sponging, a few home made remedies and enemas for the fever and constipation in the child.
    Hope not boring anyone on here. If so, sorry.

    When she tells the remedies for reducing a fever she does not mention giving any meds. Strange that today the first thing most moms do is grab for the OTC stuff and fill the child up with pills.

    What she says about reducing a fever

    Children get fever very easily—the digestive disturbance of overeating, constipation, a slight bilious attack—all produce fever which disappears quite as suddenly as it came. The first thing to do under such circumstances is to withhold food, give plenty of water to drink, produce a brisk movement of the bowel by giving a dose of castor oil, give a cleansing enema, and treat the fever as follows:…”””

    She then tells about giving sponging, fever baths, oil and the enema.

    She believed in cleansing the child who had a fever. To remove toxins and help the system. Help him recover faster from a ill. And to cool the child. She tells of the cool water enema.

    In her example of the sick child’s “notes/chart” she wrote one of the treatments given to the child was an enema at 9 am in the morning.

    “””March 26, 1916 at 9 a. m. Enema given; good bowel movement; mustard paste applied to chest, front and back, and oil-silk jacket applied; drank boiled water, 4 ounces.”””

    Talking too much. Sorry.

    Pray you are ok Mandy and this mess will soon be over.

  37. Hi! I have a question! I am pretty sure that garlic can give a burning sensation.
    Please advise!
    Thank you for the info!

    1. Selena, my from grandparents, parents, myself, and the children we’ve done this, it has never burned. If you have the amount of water given it is the right dilution. But please, if you are pretty sure it will give a burning sensation, you shouldn’t do this.

    2. Selena, agree with Mandy.
      Never had garlic burn.
      Best to talk with your holistic doctor if in doubt.

  38. Mandy—-

    Do you still visit on here off and on?
    Hope you do.
    Love all of your blogs! So very helpful.

    Have you ever thought about doing some sort of class?
    To teach about probiotics, deworming the child, giving enemas and more?

    It may be hard to do with all the work you do.

    Like a video or U Tube class? Like a series on home remedies??

    Growing up (in my early 70s now) I always loved reading my mom’s, and aunt’s, old home nursing books. Of course, can’t find them in any old book store anywhere now.

    She and my two aunts were nurses back in the 50s.
    Of course the enema was well covered in all the books.
    New books today don’t even mention enema.

    I don’t remember reading about the garlic enema. Your article was first time I learned of the garlic enema.

    For fevers the old nursing books told to give a cool to tepid water enema. And a mild warm soapy water enema to the constipated child.

    Wish I had known of the garlic enema when mine were young!


  39. Mandy

    Great! Link to the one piece red rubber enema bulbs works on this page!

    Thanks for updating.
    Now when I refer moms to this page they can see and order the enema.

    But, the link on your supplanting enema page doesn’t work.

  40. Mandy

    The link on supplanting enema page NOW works!

    Both pages the link works now!

    Hugs you.

  41. Above comments about the link for enema bulb syringes is not medical advice.

    Everyone must consult their doctor before getting or giving an enema.

    Ask your doctor if the bulb syringe is ok to use in your home. Ask what is appropriate size to buy and use.

    Not telling anyone what to buy or not buy or use.

    That is between you and your doctor.

    Mandy has wonderful health blogs.

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