Recovering the Health of Foster Children

Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children

Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children Each foster child is so incredibly unique, beautiful, challenging, sick…and desperate for a real, genuine love. The Beginning As a child, I spoke often of adopting children. While in college, my volunteer time was spent helping orphans. But when my husband and I went to adopt, we were thrown […]

Why Not Give to Children

Give Clothes to Foster and Orphan Children

We have so many clothes in our closet! How blessed are my children. Between Grandparents, friends, and our purchases we usually have plenty of clothes that are not even worn because they outgrow or the close get buried in the pile. These are the clothes that remain in great condition. When we began to Foster, […]

Travel to Learn

Travel to Learn Kindness

Travel to Learn Kindness Food and culture are a huge reason why we love to travel. But there is much more to gain in our family travels that feeds the soul. When we travel, we understand the world better. With all the differences and hate that seems to go with having contrary opinions today, we […]

SAD Diet for systems and children

The Challenge with Standard American Diet- part 3

The Challenge of the Standard American Diet is in a System This is Part III of a series on The Value of What We Feed Our Children When a child belongs to the State, the only allowable diet is the recommended diet of our land, which is the Standard American Diet, aka SAD. Our family can share the experiences we have […]

immune challenges

Immune Building Remedies with Oils

Immune Building with Oils Each of us takes in the environment around us and we consume food. It is beneficial or it is harmful. 1.  Why does 1 in every 2 children have a chronic illness? 2.  Why are there so many 60+ year olds in assisted living homes pitter/pattering away?… these folks are the […]

What about health of these children

Looking Out for the Health of Our Children? Part 1

Our children will be the leaders of tomorrow Part I on “The Value of the Food We Feed Our Children” Because according to the CDC, 1 in every 2 children has some form of chronic illness today. When our family began to reach out and help foster and orphan children, we discover that each child […]