2 thoughts on “Understanding Autism through the Movie, “Home”

  1. Mandy, this was SO beautifully open and honest and also heart-wrenching. It’s very sad what you and so many families like yours have gone through. (And despite MANY similar stories, the way the medical community continues to deny that vaccines can harm just makes me CRAZY.)

    Here’s my question though: what are some specific examples of ways family and friends could help others who are struggling in this way?


    1. Thanks, Kelly. Each child is so different; so just asking if there is a favorite toy, movie, game – that everyone could enjoy is a great start. Having paper, games, coloring, legos and other creative common toys around is nice while the adults visit. The biggest help for us was having friends come to our home for potlucks. A familiar environment is easier and just being accepted is nice.

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