Why We Use Mineral Salt and How We Make it Fun!

Mineral Salt; an Underestimated Condiment

Mineral Salt is an amazing superfood. It is full of many trace minerals and flavor. And it’s no secret that salt is my special ingredient for real food.

Flavorful Mineral Salts

Some buy-in to fads that recommend eliminating salt but I like my flavor high and a good mineral salt does just that.


One of the principles we hold is to keep our food close to the way our Creator made it. Bleached salt with anti-caking agents to keep it dry is an avoidable modification. These changes affect the flavor and nutrients of the salt. Therefore, we try to buy salts harvested from the earth with the naturally found moisture and over 70 minerals. Furthermore, we aim for crushed salt packaged for consumers without the additives. These salts have color; pink, gold, black, or grey. There are probably more colors based on my expectations and experiences in life.

For every kid I am able to love and care for, mineral-rich salt is an important nutrient and superfood I want them to eat. Although the cost is high for real salt, the flavor is rich and requires less to season. I figure it’s more absorbable to eat foods not separated and isolated in pills. Plus, our family prefers adding nutrient-dense minerals created in salt rather than swallowing a lot of mineral supplements and pills. Taking pills is my nemesis, so Real Food Recovery was also written as an inspiration for all of us who don’t take pills well and like to eat good food.

Let’s Do It

There are sages that say we can live without pepper, but we cannot live without mineral salt. Salt was traded and valued higher than gold in historical records. The funny thing is salt tastes too strong to eat alone, yet it brings out the flavor of every food it adorns. And metaphorically speaking, we are to be the salt of the earth.

In our book, Real Food Recovery, we dedicate a 3 page chapter solely to salt. It’s a simple recipe book for the busy Mom, however, I want to share a fun salt recipe that is not included in my book. Hopefully, you can make time to have fun creating this together and discover what flavors each child or person prefers.

Mineral Salt and Lemon

A Fun Salt Recipe!

Flavored Salt


  • little jars
  • coffee grinder
  • 1/2 cup Mineral-rich Salt for each flavor, coarse preferred
  • 1-2 Tbsp dehydrated seasoning (lemon zest, lavender, basil, cayenne, garlic, etc...)
  • arrowroot - to clean tools


  1. Add salt to jar
  2. Add dehydrated seasoning
  3. Pour into coffee grinder and blend
  4. Tap out gently and and put ingredients back into the jar
  5. To Clean: add 2 tbsp arrowroot to the coffee grinder and blend. Dump out and wipe with a paper towel. (Remember to unplug when wiping)
  6. Repeat for each desired flavor


Flavorful mineral salt -dehydrate

Dehydrated Seasonings – Lemon Zest, Lavender, Basil, Jar of Cayenne

Lemon Mineral Salt - grind

Mix seasoning & salt into jar, then pour into the coffee grinder.

Place “fine” flavorful salt back into the jar.

Between Mineral Salt making - clean the coffee grinder

Put 2 Tbsp of arrowroot into the grinder, blend and wipe clean with a rag. The starch cleans out all of the flavors so the next usage isn’t tainted with the flavors of before.

Enjoy! Our kids love getting involved with cooking. Hope you find fun and health in the kitchen with your loved ones.

Flavorful Mineral Salts


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