How To Eat Great And Become Great

Eat Great and You Will Become Great!

Here is a clip from a wonderful TV show, The Daytime Show. It was a surprise one day when a producer asked if I would be on their show. Despite a little nervousness, the producer, hosts and crew are very organized, gorgeous, uplifting, and subsequently made my first TV experience a lot of fun! Check it out.

In the beginning of parenthood, we loved eating pretty treats and eating out. We also never asked what oil or fat filled the pans to fry potatoes or other foods. We just assumed it was good for us.

Unfortunately, we had a child with complications. This started an explosion of learning; more schooling and studying while seeking the best ways to empower us as parents. I wanted a big part of helping my son recover his health. Watching him improve significantly with the food we eat, prepared with love, reminded me of every physiological study read! Our cells find nourishment by what we eat. Consequently, studies confirm that we are what we eat, and furthermore we are what we can digest of what we eat.


Fast forward to our family welcoming several children into our home. A pattern became very clear. Food is our way to heal. What kind of food we eat matters.  Many times, we overlook the equally important role in the preparation of the foods. Attitude and love are necessary when mixing together and presenting a food offering to our love ones. Food is a significant healer. Therefore, if we eat great, I know we will become great.

The great news is our doctors love us, because their patients heal faster. The kids like us with the love and crazy fun we share, but the struggle is real in order to re-train the taste-buds to minimize sugar and processed food.

Let this encourage you to eat great. You will find it simple, beautiful, and magical. Remember the power you have to help encourage healthy, beautiful lives…and to get back in the kitchen. At least for one nice meal together. I recommend steel pans like this or cast iron pans as great options.

If you would like to buy our book for more tips, here is the link! We are thankful for your purchase. As you heal, know that we use the proceeds to build gardens, feed, and teach some pretty incredible foster kids! Thank you for being a part! Our Glamorous Greens Detox is also posted here.

We hope you really find your best health.






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  1. Mandy you did great, you seemed relaxed & sweet & knowledgeable, you came off just how you really are! 🙂

    Big hugs!

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