My new knives

Knives That Changed Real Food Recovery

Knives are an Important Kitchen Tool. I forgot about knives! All these years I’ve been working with food to heal my kids and foster kids, my focus has been on the food! With a great blender, ice cream maker, non-aluminum pans, etc…I felt all was good. I’ve never chosen to spend the money on knives […]

Powerful Kitchen

Powerful Kitchen Brings Good Health

Many parents around the world forget a powerful tool; the kitchen! We shouldn’t allow ourselves to minimize preparing food in the home. So let’s change this. Powerful Kitchen Brings Good Health This clip is from the 2016  NTA Conference. This is my first speaking engagement to practitioners after years of working with foster kids and teaching my […]


Beautiful People Need Recovery!

These beautiful people are the reason behind our efforts. These are the foster girls about to “age out” and be on their own. Our NonProfit Effort After 14 years of working with children and some adults, we’ve learned simple ways we recover. We decided to write this down in a and use the proceeds to support these beautiful […]