Let’s Make a Flavored Mayo

May I Have Some Mayo, Please?! Mayonnaise, or mayo, is a beloved condiment worldwide. Some of my children are known to eat it by the spoonfuls (which seriously tests my gag reflexes)! However, the ingredients are disappointing.1   The challenge came years ago to make a healthy version and fortunately mayonnaise is very simple to […]

Pickled eggs on the table

Little Purple Pickled Eggs: Healthy, Gorgeous, and Fun

Pick a Peck of Pickled Eggs! Pickled Eggs are not a food we eat every day or even in the last 2 or 5 years! But, sometimes I get stuck when it comes to preparing meals. I have the regulars but after a while we all get tired of them.  My husband, on the other […]

Protein for the Picky Eater

Protein for the Picky Eater in Your Home

How We Get a Child to Eat Protein Hi, friends. I want to share a real letter I received regarding the state of our children today and the difficulty getting our kids to eat a balanced meal. Some children refuse vegetables and some refuse protein. All children seem to want sugar and bread. But there […]

Farmers and Families

3 Ways to Thrive With Your Farmer, Family, and Children.

A Farmer is the Cornerstone to Our Efforts in Healing A farmer’s work is in every home. Every person needs to eat. It’s not an option, if you want to sustain life. Farmers are the foundation to every meal in this world. Now what you choose to put into your body is an option. As […]

Flavorful Salts

Why We Use Mineral Salt and How We Make it Fun!

Mineral Salt; an Underestimated Condiment Mineral Salt is an amazing superfood. It is full of many trace minerals and flavor. And it’s no secret that salt is my special ingredient for real food. Some buy-in to fads that recommend eliminating salt but I like my flavor high and a good mineral salt does just that. […]

Healthy, Gluten free, kosher Corn Dogs

How to Make The Best Fried Foods; Corn Dogs

Fried Foods are Everywhere! Keeping food delicious, fun, and trendy is important. I desire to keep my family and foster kids strong and healthy. Therefore today I will share how and why I learned to provide a delicious healthy version to fried foods; including corn dogs! Somehow, if you will notice, memories around food and […]


Understanding Autism through the Movie, “Home”

Autism through the Movie, “Home” Let’s unpack autism in the family and use the movie, “Home”. As I uncomfortably watch this DreamWorks movie, the parallel to our family is stifling. The struggle is real and I’ve decided to come clean with our family life on the Spectrum and the varying degrees of life for millions […]

Goat eggs

My Farmer has Eggs and Goat Eggs

Do You like Eggs? What about Goat Eggs? We have seriously lost touch with our food!! We have the most beautiful farmer’s market in St. Petersburg and almost every week I hear adults, not children, ask questions about eggs and more…truly it reveals a real problem. Today we discover that our farmer sells Goat Eggs. […]