Flavorful Salts

Why We Use Mineral Salt and How We Make it Fun!

Mineral Salt; an Underestimated Condiment Mineral Salt is an amazing superfood. It is full of many trace minerals and flavor. And it’s no secret that salt is my special ingredient for real food. Some buy-in to fads that recommend eliminating salt but I like my flavor high and a good mineral salt does just that. […]

Healthy, Gluten free, kosher Corn Dogs

How to Make The Best Fried Foods; Corn Dogs

Fried Foods are Everywhere! Keeping food delicious, fun, and trendy is important. I desire to keep my family and foster kids strong and healthy. Therefore today I will share how and why I learned to provide a delicious healthy version to fried foods; including corn dogs! Somehow, if you will notice, memories around food and […]


Understanding Autism through the Movie, “Home”

Autism through the Movie, “Home” Let’s unpack autism in the family and use the movie, “Home”. As I uncomfortably watch this DreamWorks movie, the parallel to our family is stifling. The struggle is real and I’ve decided to come clean with our family life on the Spectrum and the varying degrees of life for millions […]

Goat eggs

My Farmer has Eggs and Goat Eggs

Do You like Eggs? What about Goat Eggs? We have seriously lost touch with our food!! We have the most beautiful farmer’s market in St. Petersburg and almost every week I hear adults, not children, ask questions about eggs and more…truly it reveals a real problem. Today we discover that our farmer sells Goat Eggs. […]

Powerful Kitchen

Powerful Kitchen Brings Good Health

Many parents around the world forget a powerful tool; the kitchen! We shouldn’t allow ourselves to minimize preparing food in the home. So let’s change this. Powerful Kitchen Brings Good Health This clip is from the 2016  NTA Conference. This is my first speaking engagement to practitioners after years of working with foster kids and teaching my […]

What Cancer Cannot Do!

Take Power -What Cancer Cannot Do!

Some days I catch my breath, tears fall and I gasp for air to pull myself together again. In these moments of remembering our little boy who changed our lives forever, it is incredibly clear that there are things Cancer Cannot Do! Take Power! Cancer whispers through quiet breaths as if it holds a power, and […]

Egg Breakfast

Best Health Egg Breakfast

Good morning! Want a Yummy Egg Breakfast – with a twist? Yes, I know, this egg breakfast is… Not “eye-candy”, but that’s not why I write and share. My goal is to encourage you to cook fast Click To Tweet easy, nourishing foods that look like something you can make. The more I’m in the […]

Transform Pain to Power; Alchemist

How To Transform Pain into Power

I am an Alchemist and I can transform my pain into power! You can too. #alchemy #changetheworld Click To Tweet Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.1  Life happens. Good and bad. So I choose to transform our pain into power. For […]