Foster Kid

What Impact Do You Have on a Foster Kid?

What if you could see the impact of helping out a child, a foster kid? Wouldn’t that be powerful?! A Foster Kid Well, it’s possible! I have the privilege of meeting an amazing lady and now so do you! After starting my website, I found a gift. I began to meet incredible people who had been in […]

Real Food Recovery

Fostering Children and Real Food Recovery

Fostering Children! Fostering taught me about a deeper life. A life of wholeness, by reaching out to help others. Beginning Real Food Recovery When we begin to foster children, we notice each child is sick. Working together with some allopathic and many holistic approaches; we found a great “sweet” spot where good health is possible.Our […]

Help Reclaim our Foster Children

Help Reclaim Our Foster Children

Healing Children with Real Food — How to Get Children Healthy, Fast and Naturally! By accident, we discover how fast a child can heal from most illnesses. When we began fostering children, we really got a sense of the value of good, real food. Then, a child can’t speak well or read, yet they can […]

What about health of these children

Looking Out for the Health of Our Children? Part 1

Our children will be the leaders of tomorrow Part I on “The Value of the Food We Feed Our Children” Because according to the CDC, 1 in every 2 children has some form of chronic illness today. When our family began to reach out and help foster and orphan children, we discover that each child […]