Foster Family helps overcome

Foster Friday: Overcome Life’s Challenge

How to Overcome like Kitchen Vixxen Part III It’s a Foster Friday; my favorite day of encouragement to overcome. Today’s inspiration demonstrates how a wonderful foster family helps a young teenage girl’s overcome. Although Marilee’s life has real struggles, she has certainly overcome the statistics. Marilee has been given tremendous support through a continued relationship with her foster family […]

Make Fostering Check-up Fun!

How to Make Fostering “Check-Ups” Fun

It really happened by default. We like to have little themed parties and one day we are having a tea party when our Case Manager shows up for a surprise “Check-Up” visit. How to Make Your Fostering “Check-Ups” Fun! We wanted to help children, here’s why. With all the wonderful parts of loving and helping […]

Lime Pops

Easy Lime and Coconut Pops

Lime and Love As the Summer months bring in the warmth of the sun, the smell of lime blossoms on the tree, our senses acknowledge the celebration that’s brewing. We finally get to adopt a child we have known and loved for 4 years! Pondering the most appropriate and widely enjoyed healthier treats; popsicles are […]