Foster Care is Better Than You Think

Foster Care is Not What You Think

Foster Care is Better Than You Think There are many misconceptions regarding foster care. When something goes wrong, it hits the headlines or a movie is made. But truly, every family, case manager, licensing agent, group home staff, or social worker we meet, has a heart of gold! Rather than sharing all the unkind perceptions, […]

Discipline or Bad Gut

Discipline or a Bad Gut? Repopulate!

Let’s talk Discipline Discipline is important for us all; it offers self-control. Yet, in my experience with children who repeatedly misbehave, teaching self-control may not always work! We discovered another idea that really shaped my understanding of our bodies. Is Bad Behavior about Discipline or is it a Bad Gut?! Is the child responsible for bad […]

Well behaved children

Well Behaved Children with Blanket Time

This is “Hands-Down” the best parenting tip we ever got from a dear, sweet, amazing parent on how to have… Well-Behaved Children. We took this class on Child-Training from an amazing couple who have become our mentors. Every one of their now-married children avoided terrible 2’s, 3’s and teenage years. So no matter what we […]