How We Choose to Live during a Virus Outbreak

Virus Outbreak We are in unchartered waters. Never in my lifetime has media shared such fear of a pandemic outbreak or information of a virus spreading so quickly. I have no memory in my lifetime of events and industries shutting down like this before. There was concern over the year 2000, but it didn’t shut […]

Graduation Blues with my son

Graduation Blues and Autism

Graduation Blues This is a tough one but written to honor autism moms all over the world. Our family will not be celebrating a graduation this year. When my son was born in 2000, it was really cool.  We talked about how every monumental marker for his life was easily identifiable as a millennium baby. […]

Get a real food recovery cookbook to heal and help orphans

Donate to Orphans, Get Better with Real Food Recovery Cookbook

Donate to Orphans There are a lot of non-profit organizations in the world doing good. Real Food Recovery is certainly one of them. If you want 100% of your donations to go to real food for foster kids/ orphans, consider partnering with our efforts.  If you would like to have a simple, encouraging book/ cookbook […]

Farmers and Families

3 Ways to Thrive With Your Farmer, Family, and Children.

A Farmer is the Cornerstone to Our Efforts in Healing A farmer’s work is in every home. Every person needs to eat. It’s not an option, if you want to sustain life. Farmers are the foundation to every meal in this world. Now what you choose to put into your body is an option. As […]

A New Start

New Start and a New Day

Today is a new start. Escaping outside to our little garden for a few deep breaths to begin a whole new day, I see this little plant and realize it is truly an opportunity to have a new start. Funny how a little Napa Cabbage can teach such a powerful lesson when we are paying attention. […]

Thriving Children WAP Mandy Lee

How We Thrive

How We Thrive How We Thrive is due to finding resources several years ago; the Weston A. Price Foundation, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Nourishing Traditions has educated my family towards optimal health. Success Story When my son was born, we couldn’t understand why our baby could be so immune-compromised while we felt healthy and […]

Fostering Marilee

Foster Friday: Impact Made By Fostering

Foster Friday: The Impact Made When by Fostering and/or Adopting We have waited a whole week! Fostering is a tool to help kids and parents out of a rut! Today we are blessed to hear the continuation of how a sweet girl in Foster Care, Marilee, grows into a beautiful young woman. See the beginning […]

Travel to Learn

Travel to Learn Kindness

Travel to Learn Kindness Food and culture are a huge reason why we love to travel. But there is much more to gain in our family travels that feeds the soul. When we travel, we understand the world better. With all the differences and hate that seems to go with having contrary opinions today, we […]