Bone Broth and Diarrhea

Broth May Cause Diarrhea; Try Stock And Work Up To Broth

Are you having Bone Broth and Diarrhea? Don’t despair! Diarrhea is certainly no fun, but it may be a part of your healing while drinking some broth. With all of the positive attention on Bone Broth, there are consequences that may surprise you. Diarrhea is certainly one of these. If you experience this, we have found that […]

Render a Coconut!

The Best Way to Render a Coconut

Our favorite local farmers have brought in coconuts! They are SO delicious and nutritious, we enjoy the next hour! We try to keep life fun and tasty as we heal. [This is our story why!] And coconut just amazes me. The Best Way to Render a Coconut You can make so many kitchen basics from one […]


How to Make a Simple Coconut Butter

Have you ever tasted Coconut Butter? Otherwise known as Coconut Manna, Coconut Butter is a delicious, nutritive, food snack. However, it is pricey. For about $12 for a 8 oz jar you can buy , but for $3 and a bit of coconut oil, you can make your own! Our local farmer has some coconuts, therefore, the […]