Removing Worms and Parasites

Removing the Worms from Our Body

We Need To Remove The Worms From Our Body Several years ago in school, a wonderful biology professor stated, “If we could see everything, we would never; shake hands, pet an animal, hug, kiss, or even eat!” It has uncomfortably remained in my memory. This photo is of the Schistosoma or Blood Fluke. These worms deprive the […]

Eliminate Parasites Naturally

Eliminate Parasites Naturally with Papaya

Adult talk here…we all have to eliminate parasites at some point. That’s why we all need to know… How to Eliminate Parasites Naturally Although this is a tough piece of information, we need to understand this is a normal balance-act. When we eat organic, minimize eating out, and clean our home naturally…our immune systems are […]