Managing Anger

Managing Anger is important Life is never really fair. After babysitting, raising our children, fostering several children, and now working with orphans and children in foster group homes; managing anger is something we need to deal with regularly. In my experience over the last 20 years, it’s the food and the attitude that help us […]

Graduation Blues with my son

Graduation Blues and Autism

Graduation Blues This is a tough one but written to honor autism moms all over the world. Our family will not be celebrating a graduation this year. When my son was born in 2000, it was really cool.  We talked about how every monumental marker for his life was easily identifiable as a millennium baby. […]

Bacon Fat

Fat Makes a Difference in Foster Homes

Good Fat Makes a Difference for Kids I thought about where the most significant impact could happen without causing a massive disruption in the beginning of my time with this orphanage. As the volunteer Nutritional Therapist writing the menu with a friend, the food is where my influence begins. Decisively, I choose to start with […]

Blessings w Difficulty

Difficulties with the Blessings

Blessings One thing life has taught me is that no matter how good, there is difficulty entwined. Likewise, despite the hard times, blessings are mixed in. Blessings are all around us, but sometimes I have to look a little harder.  When life hands out difficulty, we have discovered the most successful response is love. Our […]

Farmers and Families

3 Ways to Thrive With Your Farmer, Family, and Children.

A Farmer is the Cornerstone to Our Efforts in Healing A farmer’s work is in every home. Every person needs to eat. It’s not an option, if you want to sustain life. Farmers are the foundation to every meal in this world. Now what you choose to put into your body is an option. As […]


Understanding Autism through the Movie, “Home”

Autism through the Movie, “Home” Let’s unpack autism in the family and use the movie, “Home”. As I uncomfortably watch this DreamWorks movie, the parallel to our family is stifling. The struggle is real and I’ve decided to come clean with our family life on the Spectrum and the varying degrees of life for millions […]

Goat eggs

My Farmer has Eggs and Goat Eggs

Do You like Eggs? What about Goat Eggs? We have seriously lost touch with our food!! We have the most beautiful farmer’s market in St. Petersburg and almost every week I hear adults, not children, ask questions about eggs and more…truly it reveals a real problem. Today we discover that our farmer sells Goat Eggs. […]

What Cancer Cannot Do!

Take Power -What Cancer Cannot Do!

Some days I catch my breath, tears fall and I gasp for air to pull myself together again. In these moments of remembering our little boy who changed our lives forever, it is incredibly clear that there are things Cancer Cannot Do! Take Power! Cancer whispers through quiet breaths as if it holds a power, and […]