egg nog

Egg Nog for the Whole Family

Delicious Egg Nog For such a simple, quick, treat; egg nog packs a punch of nutrition! As a child, this thick and syrupy milk was gross. But as a mom, I enjoy making this treat throughout the year as a snack. It’s full of proteins and fats, as well as beneficial microbes -if your milk […]


Beer Talk; Is it healthy or just a bar drink?

Is Beer Healthy? Fermented beer sounds healthy. When I ask a few questions and tour a few places to understand it better, it’s the same as our food sources.  Some are careful to use the cleanest barley and hops, while some just ferment. I’ve been around the block a few times. The challenge is that […]

The Best Iced Coffee

The Best Iced Coffee; Coconut Coffee

Coffee I know, I know. You say coffee is not good for children. But I live in the real world and my children see all the people around them enjoying a good brew, so we occasionally have a great alternative. We find it much more successful [with friends coming over or new foster children coming […]