Students Like Teachers Who Bring Cookies

When there are cookies around, getting kids to eat well is a challenge. Studies of medical students getting chocolate chip cookies are proof. But more on that in a minute. First, we must address why it is so complex and why it is crucial to eat well. As difficult as it is to compete with […]


Improving the Eyes

Our Eyes to Life My brain works a little differently than many. I love to hear all the different perspectives and it doesn’t threaten or offend me to hear someone else’s opinion or experience. There are so many ways to get better, and I love hearing them all.  Recently, some of the foster kids I […]

Protein for the Picky Eater

Protein for the Picky Eater in Your Home

How We Get a Child to Eat Protein Hi, friends. I want to share a real letter I received regarding the state of our children today and the difficulty of getting our kids to eat a balanced meal. Some children refuse vegetables, and some refuse protein. All children seem to want sugar and bread. But there […]

Eat Great Be Great

How To Eat Great And Become Great

Eat Great and You Will Become Great! Here is a clip from a wonderful TV show, The Daytime Show. It was a surprise one day when a producer asked if I would be on their show. Despite a little nervousness, the producer, hosts and crew are very organized, gorgeous, uplifting, and subsequently made my first TV […]