Farmers and Families

3 Ways to Thrive With Your Farmer, Family, and Children.

A Farmer is the Cornerstone to Our Efforts in Healing A farmer’s work is in every home. Every person needs to eat. It’s not an option, if you want to sustain life. Farmers are the foundation to every meal in this world. Now what you choose to put into your body is an option. As […]


10 Steps Towards Better

10 Steps To Better! Life is short. Today I am remembering and sharing some simple steps from school, family, and friends over the years to improve life. Here are 10 of them to remind us to overcome and be better.   Working with foster children you get to see the world through different eyes. Everyone feels mistreated, […]

The Egg Potato Muffin

The Easy Potato Egg Muffin Meal

Breakfast is such a favorite meal time for us. Especially on the weekends when the peace is a little more present. Maybe because Daddy is home and we do not work on Saturday! But of all the breakfasts, this is one of our mainstay meals: The Potato Egg Muffin This meal is super simple and […]