egg nog

Egg Nog for the Whole Family

Delicious Egg Nog For such a simple, quick, treat; egg nog packs a punch of nutrition! As a child, this thick and syrupy milk was gross. But as a mom, I enjoy making this treat throughout the year as a snack. It’s full of proteins and fats, as well as beneficial microbes -if your milk […]


Beer Talk; Is it healthy or just a bar drink?

Is Beer Healthy? Fermented beer sounds healthy. When I ask a few questions and tour a few places to understand it better, it’s the same as our food sources.  Some are careful to use the cleanest barley and hops, while some just ferment. I’ve been around the block a few times. The challenge is that […]

Healthy Kid Bubbly Drink

Drink Kid Healthy Bubbly Soda

Want a healthy drink that inspires kids and adults? This bubbly drink is fast and fun! Anyone can make it and it has healthy stuff in it; now we can party! Unfortunately, we drink too much sugar in our culture. Many find it hard to drink water and it is clearly the best choice for daily imbibes. […]

Healthy Soda pin

Soda the Healthy Way-4 Ingredients!

Soda When our family saw the chronic health issues of children today, we began the education on Real Food Health. Then we replaced the bad stuff, which includes… The Inspiration Our first born son had way too many complications. [Read the Healing Journey Here]. Then we decide to foster and our first Foster son has […]