Roasted Duck

Jurassic World Roasted Duck

Who Eats Roasted Duck? As the film statistics continue to roll-in and Jurassic World blows all stats out of the water, the thought occurs to have Dino Bones for Dinner. My children are very excited! Now we have to find a large, pastured, nonGMO Dino. We look throughout the local organically minded store and behold, […]

{DIY} Toothpaste- husband approved

Toothpaste My Husband Likes

Have you thought about toothpaste? We do! After success and my extensive document-type article on Getting Rid of a Cavity, my husband tells me… he really wants a more tasty toothpaste. So here it is… Toothpaste The difference is a sweetener. Of course! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, sweeteners are a problem in our world. Not only […]

Healthy Family 6 steps

Healthy Family in 6 Easy Steps

Healthy Family in 6 Easy Steps Want a fast way to get healthy?! Eat foods that strengthen you and prevent disease.  With a lot of hard experiences, I realize that this is the purpose of food; good taste and good health. The current philosophy seems to be, “eat any food you like, and take a pill […]