Egg Breakfast

Best Health Egg Breakfast

Good morning! Want a Yummy Egg Breakfast – with a twist? Yes, I know, this egg breakfast is not the prettiest, but that’s not why I write and share recipes. My goal is to encourage you to cook fast, nourishing foods that look like something you can make. The more I’m in the kitchen, the […]

Flower Eggs

Real Food Breakfast, Bell Pepper Flowers

Here at Real Food Recovery, we put stock in Real Food … We get some fussy eaters in our home! From fostering kids and friends coming over, we have learned that beautiful real food = food consumption.   Yes, Bell peppers can be expensive. However, if you find a Farmer’s Market with some great organic […]

The Egg Potato Muffin

The Easy Potato Egg Muffin Meal

Breakfast is such a favorite meal time for us. Especially on the weekends when the peace is a little more present. Maybe because Daddy is home and we do not work on Saturday! But of all the breakfasts, this is one of our mainstay meals: The Potato Egg Muffin This meal is super simple and […]


Shakshuka Breakfast for Anytime

Shakshuka– quick, healthy, and fun to say! No, I did not sneeze nor am I going to a dance.   Shakshuka is a wonderful, healthy meal that can be put together rather quickly. We find this is especially good when the tomatoes are in season. When we have surprise guests, this is a quick dish we […]