Sweet Potato Souffle'

Delicious Sweet Potato Soufflé

Life is as delicious as…a Sweet Potato Pie! Usually, salty suits me well but this one dessert just reels me in! Plus this recipe is Gluten Free, Casein free, and a family favorite! Sweet Potato Souffle’ After Thanksgiving, there are many articles on what to make with leftover turkey. Making turkey stock is our favorite, […]

The Egg Potato Muffin

The Easy Potato Egg Muffin Meal

Breakfast is such a favorite meal time for us. Especially on the weekends when the peace is a little more present. Maybe because Daddy is home and we do not work on Saturday! But of all the breakfasts, this is one of our mainstay meals: The Potato Egg Muffin This meal is super simple and […]

Bad Diet, Bad Health CAN be Corrected

Changing a Bad Diet to Boost Your Immune System, Part 2

A Bad Diet  This is a continuation of “Who is looking out for the health of our Children?” discussing: The Value of the Food We Feed our Children. We are turning the tides with a nutrient-dense diet. The challenge we face is to allow him to be hungry enough to want to eat good foods […]

Healthy Family 6 steps

Healthy Family in 6 Easy Steps

Healthy Family in 6 Easy Steps Want a fast way to get healthy?! Eat foods that strengthen you and prevent disease.  With a lot of hard experiences, I realize that this is the purpose of food; good taste and good health. The current philosophy seems to be, “eat any food you like, and take a pill […]