Compromised Children

Compromised Children Make Better People

How Compromised Children Make Us Better People There are some positive outcomes to having a compromised child and for some families, compromised children.   Certainly, there are some really unfortunate outcomes to having a compromised child. Whether you have a child with Down’s Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disorder, Autism, ADD/ADHD, cancer, etc… it is a truly difficult […]

Get Children Better!

Interview with Fearless Parent

It’s a Radio Talk Interview with Fearless Parent. We have so much fun and run out of time! Come and listen as we discuss how simple it is to recover children in a world that wants to make everything complicated. Having a child present with chronic illness at birth is a real game-changer. It allowed […]

Apple Detox Juice

Apple Detox Juice with Apple Soda

Apple Detox Juice One thing is for sure, it is a challenge to find a detox juice that all of my children enjoy, but it can be done. We make a lot of soda around here [simple recipe here] and we substitute various juices to ferment. Apple Soda is one of our favorites and it’s […]

Help Reclaim our Foster Children

Help Reclaim Our Foster Children

Healing Children with Real Food — How to Get Children Healthy, Fast and Naturally! By accident, we discover how fast a child can heal from most illnesses. When we began fostering children, we really got a sense of the value of good, real food. Then, a child can’t speak well or read, yet they can […]


Gluten Free Pear Pie

Sometimes the name of a dish just assures that it is going to be good… Gluten Free Pear Pie Pies are everywhere. And when you are gluten free, especially for a child, it so disappointing when you can’t eat pie. So today we remedy this! It is similar to my Rose Fruit Dessert but requires a little […]

Healthy on-the-go lunch box

Healthy Real Food Lunch Box Ideas

Real Food, Lunch Box Ideas Life can get busy! Yet it is so important to find healthy fast food to prepare…especially for the developing and growing child. This article will help you pack a healthful lunchbox or cooler anytime your family travels. Today we are faced with a challenge…packing a lunch that inspires our child […]

Recovering the Health of Foster Children

Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children

Recovering the Health of [Foster] Children Each foster child is so incredibly unique, beautiful, challenging, sick…and desperate for a real, genuine love. The Beginning As a child, I spoke often of adopting children. While in college, my volunteer time was spent helping orphans. But when my husband and I went to adopt, we were thrown […]

Sweet Potato Souffle'

Delicious Sweet Potato Soufflé

Life is as delicious as…a Sweet Potato Pie! Usually, salty suits me well but this one dessert just reels me in! Plus this recipe is Gluten Free, Casein free, and a family favorite! Sweet Potato Souffle’ After Thanksgiving, there are many articles on what to make with leftover turkey. Making turkey stock is our favorite, […]